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The bags under my eyes right now are reaaaal



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Kurtz: [intercepted radio message] I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor


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why the fuck is my ex texting me omfg go away


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Your fear of capture and imprisonment is from millions of years ago


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I called you naughty darling because I do not like that other world



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Just remember, when you control the mail, you control… information


Amoebas are puny, stupid blobs, so scientists were surprised to learn that they contain 200 times more DNA than Einstein did. Because amoebas are made of just one cell, researchers assumed they would be simpler than humans genetically. Plus, amoebas date back farther in time than humans, and simplicity is considered an attribute of primitive beings. It just didn’t make sense. […]

Before the advent of rapid, accurate, and inexpensive DNA sequencing technology in the early 2000s, biologists guessed that genes would provide more evidence for increasing complexity in evolution. Simple, early organisms would have fewer genes than complex ones, they predicted. […] Instead, their assumptions of increasing complexity began to fall apart. […]

Then molecular analyses did something else. They rearranged the order of branches on evolutionary trees. Biologists pushed aside trees based on how similar organisms looked to one another, and made new ones based on similarities in DNA and protein sequences. The results suggested that complex body parts evolved multiple times and had also been lost. One study found that winged stick insects evolved from wingless stick insects who had winged ancestors. […]

Perhaps the fact that people are stunned whenever organisms become simpler says more about how the human mind organizes the world than about evolutionary processes. People are more comfortable envisioning increasing complexity through time instead of reversals or stasis.

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Do not make disciples, said Zarathustra, because you will only zeros


{ Lee Tzu-hsun, Sequential Aircraft No. 1, 2013 | acrylic, spray-paint, wood, plastic, metal, light, clear plastic ball, motor, mechanical appliances, electronic controller }

yes I think he made them a bit firmer


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Bed Bath is always so crowded on Sundays. Megapuke.

The study found the simpler the design, the better. But why?

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Two roads diverged and you took both


Lawsuit Accuses Hit Show New Girl of “Blatant Plagiarism”


In documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s clear Counts and Gold aren’t fucking around.

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No one can exercise enough to overcome a bad diet. Diet is the right button to push for losing weight. People who eat right and stay active usually have no problems with weight.


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Everything is real


{ Chino Otsuka superimposes her adult self into childhood photos }