the Bouba-Kiki effect

If you hear the non-words ‘Kiki’ and ‘Bouba’, you may be more likely to associate them with a spiky and a round object, respectively, rather than the opposite. This is a case of sound-symbolism, known as the Bouba-Kiki effect. Studies on four-months infants suggest that this effect might constitute a predisposed perceptual mechanism. we tested the Bouba-Kiki effect in domestic baby chicks

38% of webpages that existed in 2013 are no longer accessible a decade later

Computer Scientists Invent an Efficient New Way to Count

Feds say he masterminded an epic California water heist. Some farmers say he’s their Robin Hood

‘Empathetic’ AI has more to do with psychopathy than emotional intelligence

it is theoretically possible that AI research can develop partial or potentially alternative forms of consciousness that is qualitatively different from the human, and that may be either more or less sophisticated depending on the perspectives

Leaked Deck Reveals How OpenAI Is Pitching Publisher Partnerships

The DOJ’s lawyer collected data on 58,000 titles published in a year and discovered that 90 percent of them sold fewer than 2,000 copies and 50 percent sold less than a dozen copies. — Everything we learned about the publishing industry from Penguin vs. DOJ.

Mystery of Mona Lisa’s background may have been solved

shark eggs

Adios Motherfucker

Scientists have figured out way to make algae-based plastic that completely decomposes

Researchers have developed a protein-​based gel that breaks down alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract without harming the body. In the future, people who take the gel could reduce the harmful and intoxicating effects of alcohol.

It has been suggested that the function of sleep is to actively clear metabolites and toxins from the brain. Enhanced clearance is also said to occur during anesthesia. Here, we measure clearance and movement of fluorescent molecules in the brains of male mice and show that movement is, in fact, independent of sleep and wake or anesthesia. Moreover, we show that brain clearance is markedly reduced, not increased, during sleep and anesthesia.

Our results indicated that engagement in cunnilingus is very common among men who have sex with women, with 89.09% of our sample having performed oral sex at least once and the overwhelming majority of engagers (94.47%) indicating enjoyment. However, we also identified that men who do not engage in cunnilingus demonstrated greater levels of homophobia, had more negative attitudes toward women’s genitals, and were less likely to be sexually narcissistic than men who did engage in cunnilingus.

exercise slows our perception of time […] sensations of pain are known to slow the passage of time […] physical arousal and awareness make us extra conscious of our body and its discomfort […] The study of the human perception of time is called chronoception, and scientists have found that age, emotions, drugs, exercise, and body temperature can all alter that internal timekeeper in different ways.

Two MIT students stole $25M within approximately 12 seconds by tampering with the ethereum blockchain in a never-before-seen cryptocurrency scheme, face decades in prison

OpenAI’s Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Is Leaving the Company. In November, Ilya Sutskever joined three other OpenAI board members to force out Sam Altman, the chief executive, before saying he regretted the move. [NY Times]

The Long Island iced tea is typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola. Despite its name, the cocktail does not typically contain iced tea, but is named for having the same amber hue as iced tea. Adios Motherfucker is a variation of the Long Island iced tea with blue curaçao substituting for the triple sec, and with lemon-lime soda substituting for the cola

‘Weegee, Autopsy of the Spectacle’ at the Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris — This exhibition attempts to reconcile the two sides of the work of American photographer Weegee (Arthur Felig, 1899-1968) –- “First are his stories for the New York press from 1935-1945. Then, photo-caricatures of public personalities developed during his Hollywood period, between 1948-1951.

Untransferable Tickets

UK toddler has hearing restored in world first gene therapy trial, groundbreaking surgery that took just 16 minutes

Psychedelic toxins from toads could treat depression and anxiety

Physiological state matching in a pair bonded poison frog

It’s the story of how a team of researchers traced a covid variant in Wisconsin from a wastewater plant to six toilets at a single company. But it’s also a story about privacy concerns that arise when you use sewers to track rare viruses back to their source. That virus likely came from a single employee who happened to be shedding an enormous quantity of a very weird variant. The researchers would desperately like to find that person. […] Wastewater surveillance might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, born of the pandemic, but it goes back decades. A team of Canadian researchers outlines several historical examples in this story. In one example, a public health official traced a 1946 typhoid outbreak to the wife of a man who sold ice cream at the beach.

Swarms of miniature robots clean up microplastics and microbes, simultaneously

Robot dogs armed with AI-aimed rifles undergo US Marines Special Ops evaluation

you’ve “dated” 600 people in San Fransisco without having typed a word to any of them. Instead, a busy little bot has completed the mindless ‘getting-to-know-you’ chatter on your behalf, and has told you which people you should actually get off the couch to meet. That’s the future of dating, according to Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble.

Older adults are having sex, and they’re getting STIs, too

Equinox launches $40,000 membership to help you live longer

How Resellers Are Transferring Billie Eilish’s ‘Untransferable’ Tickets

The mammoth structure was massive, made up of over 600 hi-fidelity speakers that sat behind the band as they played. It used six separate sound systems

Most people are quite good at distinguishing between the sound of a hot liquid and the sound of a cold one being poured, even if they don’t realize it. [NY Times]

Pseudo-Boccaccio, Yiddish Pulp Fiction, and the Man Who Ripped Off James Joyce

Doublecheck your old books for poisons

In Danish, Kierkegaard means churchyard, i.e., graveyard

I have just now come from a party where I was its life and soul; witticisms streamed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me, but I went away — yes, the dash should be as long as the radius of the earth’s orbit ——————————— and wanted to shoot myself.

{ Søren Kierkegaard, Journal, March 1836 | Continue reading }

Thracian slave girl

An Indian woman accused her husband of forcing her to have “unnatural sex.” A judge said that’s not a crime in marriage […] “unnatural sex” includes non-consensual “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal,” and was historically used to prosecute same sex couples who engaged in consensual sex, before the Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality in 2018 […] “When rape includes insertion of penis in the mouth, urethra or anus of a woman and if that act is committed with his wife, not below the age of fifteen years, then consent of the wife becomes immaterial … Marital rape has not been recognized so far,” the judge said.

Fifty years of research has not significantly improved lie detection practices […] Polygraph screening of government employees and sex offenders has increased

Scientists Discover a Missing Link Between Diet And Cancer Risk […] previously unknown mechanism helps explain why cancer risk is associated with an unhealthy diet or unmanaged metabolic conditions like diabetes.

Through collaborations with organizations like NASA, her lab has sent tumors and stem cells aboard private spaceflights to be studied in the ISS.

Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria Found on ISS Mutating to Become Functionally Distinct

Microsoft is training a new, in-house AI language model large enough to compete with those from Google and OpenAI

85 per cent of all loans made by UK banks are for the purchase of houses or business properties, or are at the very least secured on the value of houses and properties. So why are banks going to go bust because of climate change? Well, because as a very senior risk officer of a very large UK bank explained to me not so very long ago, the vast majority of the properties that they are using for the purposes of security could be underwater in the next 30 years. They know, for example, that the Thames barrier is not going to protect London from flooding.

To combat the growing risk of catastrophic wildfires and to bring more water back onto the landscape, a tribe in California is helping to reshape fire management policy in the West.

Newly deciphered passages from a papyrus scroll that was buried beneath layers of volcanic ash after the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius may have shed light on the final hours of Plato […] detailing how the Greek philosopher spent his last evening, describing how he listened to music played on a flute by a Thracian slave girl […] Despite battling a fever and being on the brink of death, Plato retained enough lucidity to critique the musician for her lack of rhythm, the account suggests.

The AI priest also told one user that it was okay to baptize a baby in Gatorade.

The target result in this work is reproduced, at least by its author. For the first time, one’s own immortality was manifested (revealed). Despite the unscientific nature, this work is a way of mastering reality.


In 2003, Red Lobster ran an “Endless Crab” promotion. The all-you-can-eat deal backfired spectacularly. Red Lobster misjudged just how many seafood lovers would pour into restaurants around the United States […] Red Lobster lost $3.3 million in seven weeks. […] Fast forward 20 years, and Red Lobster made a nearly identical mistake, but with shrimp

the presence of a personality disorder may represent an elevated risk for psychedelic use

On average, participants reported 2.5 belly laughs per day and on every fourth day a fit of laughter.

individuals who perceive their partner may have cheated on them are statistically significantly more likely to engage in revenge sex

The characteristics of sexual behavior in blind men in Ganzhou, China — The participants obtained sexual knowledge mainly through sounds from mobile phones, peer-to-peer communication, sounds of television and radio. Voice was the most frequent perception of the sexual partners’ beauty, followed by figure, skin, and body fragrance.

The physics of karate and the science of sprint

For the first time, scientists observed a primate in the wild treating a wound with a plant that has medicinal properties. […] The plant the orangutan used, known as akar kuning or yellow root, is also used by people throughout Southeast Asia to treat malaria, diabetes and other conditions. Research shows it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Orangutans rarely eat the plant. But in this case, Rakus ingested a small amount and also coated the wound several times. Five days after the wound was noticed, it had closed, and less than a month later “healed without any signs of infection,” Dr. Laumer said. […] Primates have been observed appearing to treat wounds in the past, but not with plants. A group of more than two dozen chimpanzees in Gabon in Central Africa have been seen chewing up and applying flying insects to their wounds. […] Chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and white-handed gibbons are all known to occasionally eat rough, whole leaves, presumably to help them expel parasites. [NY Times | Nature]

Nearly 46% of Americans opened a new credit card last year, according to Forbes, which means millions of Americans also canceled old ones. When you switch cards, Netflix doesn’t just stop your service — they just start charging your new card. […] In 2003, Visa U.S.A. started offering a new software product to merchants called Visa Account Updater (VAU) […] Whenever someone renews, or switches a credit card within their bank, the institution automatically update the VAU. This system lets Netflix and countless other corporations charge whatever card you have on

Traditional economics makes ludicrous assumptions and poor predictions. An alternative approach using big data and psychological insights is proving far more accurate

Economics terminology that differs from common usage

In 1988, the Chicago Tribune called Olympic medalist Florence Griffith Joyner’s famous manicures “dragon-lady fingernails”

The children who remember their past lives — What happens when your toddler is haunted by memories that aren’t hers?

Shakespeare toys with numerous European languages throughout his work, including Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Often, these are spoken in thick accents, with comedic pronunciation. The same holds true for his use of the various British dialects—Scots, Welsh, Cornish, and Irish—heard in scruffy taverns or high courts. […] the mystery of Shakespeare’s “gibberish” has gone unsolved in part because it doesn’t look like Euskara

The Secret Life of Arsenic — During the 1850s, reports of Austrian peasants eating arsenic to give them a healthy porcelain-like complexion swept through Europe and America. The New York Times opined that the “natural arsenic in the cucumber makes it valuable as a skin whitener.”

The Affair of the Poisons — The case began in 1675 after the trial of Madame de Brinvilliers, who was accused of having conspired with her lover, army captain Godin de Sainte-Croix, to poison her father and two of her brothers in order to inherit their estates. There were also rumours that she had poisoned poor people during her visits to hospitals. Madame de Brinvilliers was tortured and confessed, was sentenced to death, and on 17 July was tortured with the water cure (forced to drink sixteen pints of water) and then beheaded, and her body burned at the stake. Her alleged accomplice Sainte-Croix did not face charges because he had died of natural causes in 1672. The sensational trial drew attention to other mysterious deaths […] Authorities rounded up a number of fortune tellers and alchemists who were suspected of selling not only divinations, séances and aphrodisiacs, but also “inheritance powders” (a euphemism for poison). Some of them confessed under torture and gave authorities lists of their clients, who had allegedly bought poison to get rid of their spouses or rivals in the royal court.

New Atlas robot by Boston Dynamics

artificial synapse

European authorities say they have rounded up a criminal gang who stole rare antique books worth €2.5 million from libraries across Europe. Books by Russian writers such as Pushkin and Gogol were substituted with valueless counterfeits

A cosmetic process known as a “vampire facial” is considered to be a more affordable and less invasive option than getting a facelift […] During a vampire facial, a person’s blood is drawn from their arm, and then platelets are separated out and applied to the patient’s face using microneedles […] three women likely contracted HIV from receiving vampire facials at an unlicensed spa in New Mexico

Are women’s sexual preferences for men’s facial hair associated with their salivary testosterone during the menstrual cycle? […] participants selected the face they found most sexually attractive from pairs of composite images of the same men when fully bearded and when clean-shaven. The task was completed among the same participants during the follicular, peri-ovulatory (validated by the surge in luteinizing hormone) and luteal phases, during which participants also provided saliva samples for subsequent assaying of testosterone. […] We ran two models, both of which showed strong preferences among women for bearded over clean-shaven composite faces […] the main effect of cycle phase and the interaction between testosterone and cycle phase were not statistically significant

The effect of sound on physiology and development starts before birth, which is why a world that grows increasingly more noisy, with loud outdoor entertainment, construction, and traffic, is a concern. […] exposure of birds that are in the egg to moderate levels of noise can lead to developmental problems, amounting to increased mortality and reduced life-time reproductive success.

For the first time in at least a billion years, two lifeforms have merged into a single organism. The process, called primary endosymbiosis, has only happened twice in the history of the Earth, with the first time giving rise to all complex life as we know it through mitochondria. The second time that it happened saw the emergence of plants. Now, an international team of scientists have observed the evolutionary event happening between a species of algae commonly found in the ocean and a bacterium.

physicists have succeeded in building an artificial synapse. This synapse works with water and salt and provides the first evidence that a system using the same medium as our brains can process complex information.

The man, who is referred to as “Mr. Blue Pentagon” after his favorite kind of LSD, gave researchers a detailed account of what he experienced when taking the drug during his music career in the 1970s. Mr. Pentagon was born blind. He did not perceive vision, with or without LSD. Instead, under the influence of psychedelics, he had strong auditory and tactile hallucinations, including an overlap of the two in a form of synesthesia.

In the 1979 murder trial of Dan White, his legal team seemed to attempt to blame his heinous actions on junk-food consumption. The press dubbed the tactic, the “Twinkie defense.” While no single crime can be blamed on diet, researchers have shown that providing inmates with healthy foods can reduce aggression, infractions, and anti-social behavior.

A homeless woman who sneaked into a man’s house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food mysteriously began disappearing. [2008]

E.T. and the three actors from inside the costume

reservation at Carbone

An Unpredictable Brain Is a Conscious, Responsive Brain — Severe traumatic brain injuries typically result in loss of consciousness or coma. In deeply comatose patients with traumatic brain injury, cortical dynamics become simple, repetitive, and predictable. We review evidence that this low-complexity, high-predictability state results from a passive cortical state, represented by a stable repetitive attractor, that hinders the flexible formation of neuronal ensembles necessary for conscious experience.

His recent sales on Appointment Trader, where his screen name is GloriousSeed75, include a lunch table at Maison Close, which he sold for eight hundred and fifty-five dollars, and a reservation at Carbone, the Village red-sauce place frequented by the Rolex-and-Hermès crowd, which fetched a thousand and fifty dollars. Last year, he made seventy thousand dollars reselling reservations. Another reseller, PerceptiveWash44, told me that he makes reservations while watching TV. […] Last year, he made eighty thousand dollars reselling reservations. He’s good at anticipating what spots will be most in demand, and his profile on the site ranks him as having a “99% Positive Sales History” over his last two hundred transactions. It also notes that he made almost two thousand reservations that never sold—a restaurateur’s nightmare. How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out

How I search in 2024

Apple Vision Pro is a big flop, should further dispel the myth of tech inevitability

Physicists have proposed modifications to the infamous Schrödinger’s cat paradox that could help explain why quantum particles can exist in more than one state simultaneously, while large objects (like the universe) seemingly cannot.

The odds of contracting Lyme disease from tick bites during warmer weather months continue to rise. […] what are things that I can do to protect myself?

The Sack of Palermo that took place from the 1950s to the 1980s dramatically changed the Sicilian capital’s economic and social landscape. Vast tracts of what was agricultural land, including the Conca d’Oro citrus plain, were destroyed as the city was engulfed by concrete. The Mafia played a principal role in this process. This paper will show how Cosa Nostra consolidated its business through social and local connections by granting employment to the members of lower classes such as craftsmen and construction workers and thus gaining consent.


Belgian man whose body makes its own alcohol cleared of drunk-driving

Many primates produce copulation calls, but we have surprisingly little data on what human sex sounds like. I present 34 h of audio recordings from 2239 authentic sexual episodes shared online. These include partnered sex or masturbation […] Men are not less vocal overall in this sample, but women start moaning at an earlier stage; speech or even minimally verbalized exclamations are uncommon.

Women are less likely to die when treated by female doctors, study suggests

For The First Time, Scientists Showed Structural, Brain-Wide Changes During Menstruation

How the brain processes visual information — and its perception of time — is heavily influenced by what we’re looking at, a study has found.

Grindr Sued in UK for sharing users’ HIV data with ad firms

Inside Amazon’s Secret Operation to Gather Intel on Rivals — Staff went undercover on Walmart, eBay and other marketplaces as a third-party seller called ‘Big River.’ The mission: to scoop up information on pricing, logistics and other business practices.

Do you want to know what Prabhakar Raghavan’s old job was? What Prabhakar Raghavan, the new head of Google Search, the guy that has run Google Search into the ground, the guy who is currently destroying search, did before his job at Google? He was the head of search for Yahoo from 2005 through 2012 — a tumultuous period that cemented its terminal decline, and effectively saw the company bow out of the search market altogether. His responsibilities? Research and development for Yahoo’s search and ads products. When Raghavan joined the company, Yahoo held a 30.4 percent market share — not far from Google’s 36.9%, and miles ahead of the 15.7% of MSN Search. By May 2012, Yahoo was down to just 13.4 percent and had shrunk for the previous nine consecutive months, and was being beaten even by the newly-released Bing. That same year, Yahoo had the largest layoffs in its corporate history, shedding nearly 2,000 employees — or 14% of its overall workforce. [He] was so shit at his job that in 2009 Yahoo effectively threw in the towel on its own search technology, instead choosing to license Bing’s engine in a ten-year deal.

Artificial intelligence can predict political beliefs from expressionless faces

I “deathbots” are helping people in China grieve — Avatars of deceased relatives are increasingly popular for consoling those in mourning, or hiding the deaths of loved ones from children.

MetaAI’s strange loophole. I can get a picture of macauley culk in home alone, but not macauley culkin — it starts creating the image as you type and stops when you get the full name.

Psychedelia was the first ever interactive ‘light synthesizer’. It was written for the Commodore 64 by Jeff Minter and published by Llamasoft in 1984. psychedelia syndrome is a book-length exploration of the assembly code behind the game and an atlas of the pixels and effects it generated.

Thermonator, the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog, $9,420

Why are eyewitnesses unreliable?



‘The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.’ –Antonio Gramsci


We do not have a veridical representation of our body in our mind. For instance, tactile distances of equal measure along the medial-lateral axis of our limbs are generally perceived as larger than those running along the proximal-distal axis. This anisotropy in tactile distances reflects distortions in body-shape representation, such that the body parts are perceived as wider than they are. While the origin of such anisotropy remains unknown, it has been suggested that visual experience could partially play a role in its manifestation.

To causally test the role of visual experience on body shape representation, we investigated tactile distance perception in sighted and early blind individuals […] Overestimation of distances in the medial-lateral over proximal-distal body axes were found in both sighted and blind people, but the magnitude of the anisotropy was significantly reduced in the forearms of blind people.

We conclude that tactile distance perception is mediated by similar mechanisms in both sighted and blind people, but that visual experience can modulate the tactile distance anisotropy.

{ PsyArXiv | Continue reading }

from swerve of shore to bend of bay

Do you surf yourself?

No, I tried. I did it for about a week, 20 years ago. You have to dedicate yourself to these great things. And I don’t believe in being good at a lot of things—or even more than one. But I love to watch it. I think if I get a chance to be human again, I would do just that. You wake up in the morning and you paddle out. You make whatever little money you need to survive. That seems like the greatest life to me.

Or you could become very wealthy in early middle-age, stop doing the hard stuff, and go off and become a surfer.

No, no. You want to be broke. You want it to be all you’ve got. That’s when life is great. People are always trying to add more stuff to life. Reduce it to simpler, pure moments. That’s the golden way of living, I think.

{ Jerry Seinfeld | GQ | Continue reading }

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shadow trading

No evidence for differences in romantic love between young adult students and non-students — The findings suggest that studies investigating romantic love using student samples should not be considered ungeneralizable simply because of the fact that students constitute the sample.

Do insects have an inner life? Crows, chimps and elephants: these and many other birds and mammals behave in ways that suggest they might be conscious. And the list does not end with vertebrates. Researchers are expanding their investigations of consciousness to a wider range of animals, including octopuses and even bees and flies. […] Investigations of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) show that they engage in both deep sleep and ‘active sleep’, in which their brain activity is the same as when they’re awake. “This is perhaps similar to what we call rapid eye movement sleep in humans, which is when we have our most vivid dreams, which we interpret as conscious experiences”

No one wants to eat when they have an upset stomach. To pinpoint exactly where in the brain this distaste for eating originates, scientists studied nauseated mice.

“This research shows the complexity of how caloric restriction affects telomere loss” After one year of caloric restriction, the participant’s actually lost their telomeres more rapidly than those on a standard diet. However, after two years, once the participants’ weight had stabilized, they began to lose their telomeres more slowly.

”It would mean that two-thirds of the universe has just disappeared”

AI study shows Raphael painting was not entirely the Master’s work

I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service [2021]

Shadow trading is a new type of insider trading that affects people who deal with material nonpublic information (MNPI). Insider trading involves investment decisions based on some kind of MNPI about your own company; shadow trading entails making trading decisions about other companies based on your knowledge of external MNPI. The issue has yet to be fully resolved in court, but the SEC is prosecuting this behavior. More: we provide evidence that shadow trading is an undocumented and widespread mechanism that insiders use to avoid regulatory scrutiny

The sessile lifestyle of acorn barnacles makes sexual reproduction difficult, as they cannot leave their shells to mate. To facilitate genetic transfer between isolated individuals, barnacles have extraordinarily long penises⁠. Barnacles probably have the largest penis-to-body size ratio of the animal kingdom, up to eight times their body length

We explain Traditional Chinese Medicine

The thing that won’t die, in the nightmare that won’t end


{ James Rosenquist, Pink Condition, 1996 | Beverly Hills Cop, 1984 }


New Mexico’s state senate took up a startling amendment in 1995 — it would have required psychologists to dress up as wizards when providing expert testimony on a defendant’s competency

Except for the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd […] we estimate precise null effects of protests on public opinion and electoral behavior.

speakers consistently perceived disagreeing listeners as worse listeners

Last June, Inflection Al was riding high. The artificial intelligence startup founded by veterans of Google’s famous DeepMind Al lab had just raised $1.3 billion from Microsoft and tech billionaires Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman and Eric Schmidt to build out its chatbot business. But less than a year later, the tide has turned. Co-founders Mustafa Suleyman and Karén Simonyan have left Inflection Al for jobs at Microsoft, which also now has the rights to use its technology. Inflection Al is now focused on helping other companies improve their own Al tools. It’s not the only case of Al hype coming back down to Earth.

TikTok is reportedly developing a feature that would allow brands to use AI-generated influencers to promote products via videos and live-streams.

How the Food Industry Pays Influencers to Shill Blueberries, Butter, and More Previously: 50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

In October 2022 a bird with the code name B6 set a new world record that few people outside the field of ornithology noticed. Over the course of 11 days, B6, a young Bar-tailed Godwit, flew from its hatching ground in Alaska to its wintering ground in Tasmania, covering 8,425 miles without taking a single break. For comparison, there is only one commercial aircraft that can fly that far nonstop, a Boeing 777 with a 213-foot wingspan and one of the most powerful jet engines in the world. During its journey, B6—an animal that could perch comfortably on your shoulder—did not land, did not eat, did not drink and did not stop flapping, sustaining an average ground speed of 30 miles per hour 24 hours a day as it winged its way to the other end of the world. […] B6’s odyssey is also a triumph of the remarkable mechanical properties of some of the most easily recognized yet enigmatic structures in the biological world: feathers.

Invisible particles called tachyons, which break causality and move faster than light, may dominate the cosmos

Progress update for the first soon to be mass manufactured penetration depth detecting sex robot

Acme Klein Bottles

Employee Sneaks His Own Painting Onto the Walls of a German Museum

Cash incentives for weight loss work only for males

Sleeping more flushes junk out of the brain

Patterns of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication During Sex […] most preferred to communicate pleasure nonverbally. Some participants reported a tendency to communicate pain or dislike verbally.

“We found an association between broadly defined cat ownership and increased odds of developing schizophrenia-related disorders”

Why do some people always get lost? Research suggests that experience may matter more than innate ability when it comes to a sense of direction

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste and spit — but don’t rinse.

NUS scientists uncover a missing link between poor diet and higher cancer risk — methylglyoxal, which is a chemical produced when our cells break down glucose to create energy, can cause faults in our DNA that are early warning signs of cancer development

L. Ron Hubbard, Operation Midnight Climax, and stochastic terrorism — A brief, weird history of brainwashing

Louisiana High Court: Priests Have a “Property Right” Not to Be Sued For Sexual Abuse

AI Could Explain Why We’re Not Meeting Any Aliens Previously: where might this Great Filter be located?

Adobe is offering its network of photographers and artists $120 to submit videos of people engaged in everyday actions such as walking or expressing emotions including joy and anger

The goal is to put a robot in the most dangerous spot on the battlefield instead of a 19-year-old private fresh out of basic training. […] The robots don’t have peripheral vision; they can’t look left or look right like a human soldier can by simply turning their head. And the Army’s outdated network can’t always keep hundreds of drones aloft at the same time, or even tell U.S. troops which of the unpiloted aircraft are friend or foe. [But] Army leaders believe that almost every U.S. Army unit, down to the smallest foot patrols, will soon have drones in the sky to sense, protect, and attack. And it won’t be long before the United States is deploying ground robots into battle in human-machine teams. […] Today, the Army might have three platoons deployed in a basic attack: one to fix the enemy in place, another to maneuver on them, and then one more in reserve. Put robots into that group of soldiers […] “Then you have basically three platoons entirely freed up”

In 2023, the average cost of attending law school reached $220,335 over three years—$146,484 of which goes to tuition alone. The fancier the school, the higher the sticker price: At Columbia Law School, the current cost of attendance is $118,357 per year, with tuition alone coming in at just under $80,000 annually. At Harvard Law, the annual cost of attendance is $116,00, or $348,000 over the course of a J.D. Although law school has never been considered cheap, these numbers represent a dramatic increase in recent years. In 2002, tuition at private law schools averaged $24,193 per year; in 2022, just 20 years later, that average had gone up to $54,070. […] Law school is getting more expensive and less useful to students. The Federalist Society is happy to fill the void.

Stamp prices in the U.S. and other countries

Postcards Revolutionized Pornography

Clifford Stoll is currently the sole proprietor and sole employee of Acme Klein Bottles. […] A Klein bottle is what mathematicians call a “non-orientable surface,” a one-sided plane that, when traversed, brings the traveler back to their starting point, while also flipping them upside-down. […] Its inside is its outside; you can’t tell which side you are on.

Smart rings

Let us look at how depictions of Odysseus and the Sirens change, depending on location, local tradition, a given society’s fashions, and popular tastes. […] So far I have found no images of a ‘syrinx’ – the pan-flute or panpipes – being played by Sirens on Greek vases, or otherwise in Greek art.

Emily Dickinson’s herbarium

historical dictionary of English slang


96% of US hospital websites share visitor info with Meta, Google, data brokers. Could have been worse – last time researchers checked it was 98.6%

He went to the gate for the Delta flight to Austin, and used his phone to take pictures of the boarding passes of other passengers without their knowledge. He then boarded the aircraft using the barcode on another passenger’s boarding pass. […] he boarded and then tried to hide in the lavatory. The goal was to let everyone else board, and then take whatever empty seat was left. The problem is, there were no empty seats on the flight.

blinking does more than wet the eye, it also helps with vision

Students have submitted more than 22 million papers that may have used generative AI in the past year, new data released by plagiarism detection company Turnitin shows

Why Birds Survived, and Dinosaurs Went Extinct, After an Asteroid Hit Earth


O.J. grabbed Nicole’s crotch and said, ‘This is where babies come from and this belongs to me.’


Kardashian and Simpson first met around 1967 while both of them were at USC and became close friends. Simpson was the best man at Kardashian and Kris Houghton’s wedding in 1978. He had four children with his first wife, Kris Kardashian: Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob.

Following the June 12, 1994, murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Simpson stayed in Kardashian’s house to avoid the media. Kardashian was the man seen carrying Simpson’s garment bag the day that Simpson flew back from Chicago. Prosecutors speculated that the bag may have contained Simpson’s bloody clothes or the murder weapon.

Simpson was charged with the murders and subsequently acquitted of all criminal charges in a controversial criminal trial.

Kardashian had let his license to practice law become inactive before the Simpson case but reactivated it to aid in Simpson’s defense as a volunteer assistant on his legal team, alongside Simpson’s main defense attorneys, Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran.

As one of Simpson’s lawyers and a member of the defense “Dream Team”, Kardashian could not be compelled or subpoenaed to testify against Simpson in the case, which included Simpson’s past history and behavior with his ex-wife Nicole, and as to the contents of Simpson’s garment bag. He sat by Simpson throughout the trial.

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corn in your gas tank

Polish priest jailed for throwing wild orgy where male prostitute died after overdosing on erectile dysfunction pills. In a similar incident, an Italian priest was sentenced to three years in prison in late 2021 for stealing nearly $120K from the church to buy drugs for gay sex parties he hosted.

Esketamine injection just after childbirth reduces depression in new mothers

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic approved in the United States for inducing and maintaining anesthesia via intravenous infusion or intramuscular injection. It is not indicated for major depressive disorder (MDD) or TRD, although it is frequently used off-label for these indications. Esketamine, the (S) enantiomer of racemic ketamine, is FDA-approved for adults with TRD and adults with MDD with suicidal thoughts or actions in combination with an oral antidepressant. […] The United States has experienced a rapid proliferation of ketamine clinics to treat depression that operate with little, to no, regulation. Some clinics are now prescribing ketamine lozenges that patients take at home.

How Hackers Can Hijack Two-factor authentication Calls with Sneaky Call Forwarding

some experts argue that eliminating the chance of hallucinations entirely would also require stifling the creativity that makes AI so valuable

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are the biggest winners of government contracts, according to a report from Tussel. Amazon hosts the data of the National Security Agency with a $10 billion contract, and gets hundreds of millions from other governments. […] In 2023, the US Department of Defense awarded the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability contract to Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Oracle. The contract is worth up to $9 billion and provides the Department of Defense with cloud services. […] Most people still think of tech companies as free-enterprise rebels. It’s not true. […] In this framework, we might also tag the agricultural sector, which is dominated by cartels that have driven out family farms. It’s a government plan and massive subsidies that determine what is produced and in what quantity. It’s not because of consumers that your Coke is filled with a scary product called “high fructose corn syrup,” why your candy bar and danish have the same, and why there is corn in your gas tank. This is entirely the product of government agencies and budgets.

A Reading List on Fermentation — Somewhere in the grey zone between science and magic, the controlled addition of bacteria to food transforms it — mostly to our delight. Here are five pieces exploring these transitions (and their products).

South Korean election night graphics

‘This is civilization. We have inherited it. We love the glitter. It is growing dark and trees crowd the sky.’ –Susan Griffin


Press reports in April 2019 and December 2021 stated that China might be developing a YJ-18 launcher that can be packaged inside a standard commercial shipping container

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