Alis grave nil

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One more sign of a growing ‘entourage’ culture, where behavior is influenced by like-minded cohorts rather than essential values

Travel makes one modest

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Ah mah gah

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After the death of God, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, health was elevated to a goddess

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‘It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.’ –C-3PO

{ Going to the store by David Lewandowski }

Prowl like a lion, leap like a salmon

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Even the pope know to stay in bullet proof Benz trucks


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‘The future is already here–it is just unevenly distributed.’ –William Gibson

A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual

Through smoke and oil

By a certain eternal necessity, never ceases to be

Don’t really talk much (uh huh)

As Zadie Smith argued in a recent New York Review of Books article, Facebook’s private-in-public mode of operation traps us:

It feels important to remind ourselves, at this point, that Facebook, our new beloved interface with reality, was designed by a Harvard sophomore with a Harvard sophomore’s preoccupations. What is your relationship status? (Choose one. There can be only one answer. People need to know.) Do you have a “life”? (Prove it. Post pictures.)

The juvenile mentality built in the medium pushes us to broadcast our private lives and expect that the details we share will be obsessively dissected. We sense, more or less consciously, that with the capability to broadcast our lives comes an obligation to be entertaining. (…)

Thanks to social media, we are no longer obliged to disguise our voyeuristic impulses. Voyeurism has been culturally legitimized. We can turn to the real events of our lives as we have retold them and to the reactions they have prompted. On the internet, our personal lives have become our television shows.

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What is more harmful than any vice?

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‘I am about done with CableVision… they need to come get their equipment or take my ass to collections cuz I ain’t payin’ 336 dollars for this box and modem…’ –A. Hamilton

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Sawyer: Doesn’t sound like he said anything about anything. Hurley: That’s kind of true, dude. He’s worse than Yoda.

A tiny yawn opened the mouth of the wife of the gentleman with the glasses. She raised her small gloved fist, yawned ever so gently, tiptapping her small gloved fist on her opening mouth and smiled tinily, sweetly.

‘Got that stupid Friday song stuck in my head again. And it’s not even Friday.’ –Tim Geoghegan

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‘Perhaps there is only one major sin: impatience.’ –Kafka

{ High-speed video shows that canines don’t simply scoop up water, they toss it into their mouths just like cats. | Science News | full story

And back, how

{ The young boy, Michael Clancy, who was 10 at the time the video was shot in 1992, is now a 29-year-old lawyer living in Phoenix, AZ. }