A darker shadow of the first, darkening even his own understanding of himself


The tumor that appeared on a second scan. The guy in accounting who was secretly embezzling company funds. The situation may be different each time, but we hear ourselves say it over and over again: “I knew it all along.”

The problem is that too often we actually didn’t know it all along, we only feel as though we did. The phenomenon, which researchers refer to as “hindsight bias,” is one of the most widely studied decision traps and has been documented in various domains, including medical diagnoses, accounting and auditing decisions, athletic competition, and political strategy. […]

Roese and Vohs propose that there are three levels of hindsight bias. […] The first level of hindsight bias, memory distortion, involves misremembering an earlier opinion or judgment (”I said it would happen”). The second level, inevitability, centers on our belief that the event was inevitable (”It had to happen”). And the third level, foreseeability, involves the belief that we personally could have foreseen the event (”I knew it would happen”).

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A softer beard: a softer brush


{ Because identical twins develop from a single zygote, they have the same genome. This removes genetics as a variable telling scientists that the differences they observe between the individuals are caused almost solely by environmental factors. Recent studies have shown that many of these environmentally induced differences are acquired via the epigenome. | The University of Utah | full story | Thanks to Patrick/xcorr.net }

Gave my hand a great squeeze going along by the Tolka in my hand


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A monkey puzzle rocket burst, spluttering in darting crackles


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Twins, and, the, unnecessary, comma.


{ Why identical twins differ—despite having the same DNA }

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A defect is ten times worse in a woman. But makes them polite.


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Punctuation i’snt that important to. me


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But the real question, when it comes to predicting the future of forecasting, may not be whether we can or can’t forecast accurately — it’s whether we want to.


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The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck


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Do two people who don’t know what they are talking about know more or less than one person who doesn’t know what he/she is talking about?


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Push up and push vardar


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‘Close only knows.’ –James Joyce


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‘The course of true love never did run smooth.’ –Shakespeare


1985. Five lionesses at the Singapore Zoo are put on birth control after the lion population increases from 2 to 16.

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You should have been a poet. I was. Isn’t that obvious?


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Did you know, Mr. Torrance, that your son is attempting to bring an outside party into this situation?


Lisa and Louise Burns, the actresses who played the Grady daughters, are identical twins; however, the characters in the book and film script are merely sisters, not twins.

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Stuart Ullman: My predecessor in this job left a man named Charles Grady as the Winter caretaker. And he came up here with his wife and two little girls, I think were eight and ten. And he had a good employment record, good references, and from what I’ve been told he seemed like a completely normal individual. But at some point during the winter, he must have suffered some kind of a complete mental breakdown. He ran amuck and killed his family with an axe. Stacked them neatly in one of the rooms in the West wing and then he, he put both barrels of a shot gun in his mouth.

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Diane Arbus, Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967. The Grady Twins are a reference to Diane Arbus’s photo. Stanley Kubrick was a friend of the photographer.

{ The Shining: A Rough Guide By Stuart Gray }

‘The problem with self-improvement is knowing when to quit.’ –David Lee Roth


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‘The force of mind is only as great as its expression; its depth only as deep as its power to expand and lose itself.’ –Hegel


The concept that the gut and the brain are closely connected, and that this interaction plays an important part not only in gastrointestinal function but also in certain feeling states and in intuitive decision making, is deeply rooted in our language.

Recent neurobiological insights into this gut–brain crosstalk have revealed a complex, bidirectional communication system that not only ensures the proper maintenance of gastrointestinal homeostasis and digestion but is likely to have multiple effects on affect, motivation and higher cognitive functions, including intuitive decision making.

{ Nature Reviews Neuroscience }

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C’est au sujet Monsieur vous êtes chez moi


{ Stranger moves into foreclosed home, citing little-known Texas law }

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I can’t be what I want, anymore than you can


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‘A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.’ –Heraclitus


Sybil accounts are fake identities created to unfairly increase the power or resources of a single malicious user. Researchers have long known about the existence of Sybil accounts in online communities such as file-sharing systems, but have not been able to perform large scale measurements to detect them or measure their activities. In this paper, we describe our efforts to detect, characterize and understand Sybil account activity in the Renren online social network (OSN). We use ground truth provided by Renren Inc. to build measurement based Sybil account detectors, and deploy them on Renren to detect over 100,000 Sybil accounts. We study these Sybil accounts, as well as an additional 560,000 Sybil accounts caught by Renren, and analyze their link creation behavior. Most interestingly, we find that contrary to prior conjecture, Sybil accounts in OSNs do not form tight-knit communities. Instead, they integrate into the social graph just like normal users. Using link creation timestamps, we verify that the large majority of links between Sybil accounts are created accidentally, unbeknownst to the attacker. Overall, only a very small portion of Sybil accounts are connected to other Sybils with social links. Our study shows that existing Sybil defenses are unlikely to succeed in today’s OSNs, and we must design new techniques to effectively detect and defend against Sybil attacks.

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