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44.jpgChemical bike lock causes vomiting to deter thieves

Insulating snow collected during winter months to use during the summer

Here, we show that a fresh semen sample confined inside a ring displays a very robust and stable rotational motion

Pokemon Go has done what every fitness app dreams of — motivate the most sedentary Americans to get off their couches. Researchers see tremendous promise for games to improve public health.

How real-world highly advanced poker cheating devices work

Instead of going to traditional psychotherapists for advice and support, growing numbers of people are turning to philosophical counselors for particularly wise guidance

This Is How To Deal With Psychopaths And Toxic People

The Monks Who Spent Years Turning Themselves into Mummies—While Alive

Amazon’s yearly sales may account for 20% to 30% of all U.S. retail goods sold online

“Unicorn” is industry slang for a startup valued at $1 billion or more. Late last year everything changed.

Benford’s law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers, the leading significant digit is likely to be small. For example, in sets which obey the law, the number 1 appears as the most significant digit about 30% of the time, while 9 appears as the most significant digit less than 5% of the time.

Republicans, Beware

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2.jpgCandle designed to smell like new Mac computer sells out in one day

Self-reported caffeine consumption of more than 261 mg per day [two to three 8-oz cups of coffee per day, five to six 8-oz cups of black tea, or seven to eight 12-ounce cans of cola] was associated with a 36 percent reduction in the risk of incident dementia over 10 years of follow-up.

We show that liking trash films goes hand in hand with a preference for art cinema

For every gram of ordinary matter that emits and absorbs light, the Universe contains around five grams of matter that responds to gravity, but is invisible to light. Physicists call this stuff dark matter, and as the search to identify it is now in its fourth decade, things are starting to get a little desperate.

What Facebook Knows About You

Snapchat Working on IPO Valuing Firm at $25 Billion or More

Two young officers began to hear rumors of a drug gang operating within the Chicago Police Department. They were skeptical at first.

Ashes of Truman Capote sold at auction for $43,750

Human Tetris

Submit a picture of your anus to enter the contest

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Canadian Mint employee accused of smuggling $180K of gold in his rectum

Sperm delivery by mail? There’s an app for that

Riding Roller Coasters Can Help Dislodge Kidney Stones

MIT Researchers developed a device that uses radio waves to detect whether someone is happy, sad, angry or excited.

Why do more men than women commit suicide? The answer could lie in four traits.

Can we form memories when we are very young?

‘Five Second Rule’ for Food on Floor Is Untrue, Study Finds [NYT]

many mathematicians (and quants, economists who analyze market fluctuations using algorithms) have been using “random” models for their predictions

Rats spread disease, decimate crops and very occasionally eat people alive. For centuries, we have struggled to find an effective way of controlling their numbers. Until now …

Uber is researching a new vertical-takeoff ride offering that flies you around

It took a couple decades, but the music business looks like it’s okay again

Before we continue, please note that Japanese cooking does not really use what we Westerners would call sauces.

Mushroom Suit Absorbs Your Body After You Die

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

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2.jpg‘Smart’ Dildo Company Sued For Tracking Users’ Habits

Is Sex Good for Your Health? A National Study on Partnered Sexuality and Cardiovascular Risk among Older Men and Women

Fetal masturbation

Overall, most U.S. men were satisfied with their genitals

Neither intelligence nor education can stop you from forming prejudiced opinions – but curiosity may help you make wiser judgements

Implicit memory for words heard during sleep

How new experiences boost memory formation

Sugar industry bought off scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decades [[NYT]] Related: Breakfasts

Which body part hurts the most when stung by a bee? A scientist put himself through a torturous experiment to find out

I have no idea if we’re going to have a quantum computer in every smart phone, or if we’re going to have quantum apps or quapps, that would allow us to communicate securely and find funky stuff using our quantum computers; that’s a tall order. It’s very likely that we’re going to have quantum microprocessors in our computers and smart phones that are performing specific tasks.

Hijacking Banksy: using a contemporary art mystery to increase academic readership

Someone Set Up A Sweet Co-Working Space On A Bridge Over The 5 Freeway

Nihilistic Password Security Questions

The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish

Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator [Thanks Tim]

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Half Of People Click Anything Sent To Them

Smartphone Apps Are Now 50% of All U.S. Digital Media Time Spent

Mangan speculates that the brain’s internal clock runs more slowly in elderly people. As a result, the pace of life appears to speed up. [More: Time really does seem to fly by faster as we age]

For older adults, having more or closer family members in one’s social network decreases his or her likelihood of death, but having a larger or closer group of friends does not, finds a new study.

There aren’t many articles I’ve read that have really changed the way I see the world, but “Gender Identity and Relative Income Within Households,” is one of them

The method of serial reproduction has revealed that the social transmission of information is characterized by the gradual transformation of the original message. Evidence of a negativity bias in the social transmission of information

The Effect of Redactions on Conspiracy Theory Beliefs

Who Is the Most Famous Person in the World, Statistically?

Physicists are confronting their “nightmare scenario.” What does the absence of new particles suggest about how nature works?

Inside the Real-Life Database of America’s Firearms

The story of the Boeing 747 [ Joe Sutter, Boeing engineer who led development of the 747 jumbo jet, dies at 95]

Evangel’s Tanner Coleman (62) loses his helmet

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33.jpgMark Zuckerberg built a voice-controlled thermostat that doesn’t listen to his wife’s voice

A 25-year-old with no Trump ties raises $1 million by dangling ‘dinner’ with the GOP nominee

20% of scientific papers on genes contain gene name conversion errors caused by Excel

Substituting multiple imputation for listwise deletion in political science […] in almost half of the studies, key results “disappear” (by conventional statistical standards) when reanalyzed.” [PDF]

How Rigged Are Stock Markets?: Evidence From Microsecond Timestamps

Is divorce seasonal? Study shows biannual spike in divorce filings

Immediately after we’ve been shunned, our brains engage a subtle mechanism that alters our sense of whether other people are making eye contact with us, so that we think it more likely that they are looking our way.

Trust Your Gut or Think Carefully? Examining Whether an Intuitive, Versus a Systematic, Mode of Thought Produces Greater Empathic Accuracy

More than one out of six people would prefer to die younger than age 80

“We run physics simulations all the time to prepare us for when we need to act in the world” Researchers find brain’s ‘physics engine’ predicts how world behaves

Scientists just discovered a new type of eye movement we do every day

Study strengthens evidence that cognitive activity can reduce dementia risk

Too much activity in certain areas of the brain is bad for memory and attention

What If We’re Wrong? History Suggests Everything Will Be Disproved

We now know how Lucy died some 3.18 million years ago

The longitudinal relationship between everyday sadism and the amount of violent video game play

Placebo Buttons [more]

Why don’t hotels give you toothpaste?

Just how dangerous is it to travel at 20% the speed of light?

The 9 Deep Learning Papers You Need To Know About

Philippines drugs war: The woman who kills dealers for a living

Bioluminescent Shrimp Turn Rocks on Japanese Beach Into “Weeping Stones”

There are no particles, there are only fields

Invisible Art

Nailbot prints custom nail art

Distressed Superstar Sneakers [more] [Thanks Tim]

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32.jpg A Man Who Says God Punishes Gays with Natural Disasters Had His Home Destroyed in the Flood

Toilet Seat Scale Tells You How Much Weight Is Lost After You Take A Dump

Study Shows Mediums Are Wrong 46.2% of the Time

how long will you need to play to catch every Pokémon?

100+ Exceptional Works of Journalism

The Art of Fiction: Interview with Aldous Huxley [Thanks Tim]

When James Joyce & Marcel Proust Met in 1922, and Totally Bored Each Other

Wikiverse sources thousands of articles from Wikipedia and then generates a map where it showcases the countless connections and overlaps of information between each entry

Password strength meters promote piss-poor paswords

The first contemporary art exhibition for dogs

Amy Schumer commandeers a VF staffer’s Tinder account

The Poison Garden

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31.jpg French town flooded with wine after protesters crack open vats

A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe [Thanks Tim]

Swedish church to use drones to drop thousands of Bibles in ISIS-controlled Iraq

Texas police arrest two men accused of stealing about 30 Jeep and Dodge vehicles using a laptop computer

More than 30 states offer online voting, but experts warn it isn’t secure. More: A ragtag group of obsessive tech experts is warning that stealing the ultimate prize—victory on Nov. 8—would be child’s play

Meet the husbands who fly first class – while their wives travel in economy

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult

The super-recognisers of Scotland Yard. How an elite police unit is catching some of London’s most prolific criminals.

Research suggests being lazy is a sign of high intelligence

Are those who speak only one language missing out?

Why you’re stiff in the morning: Your body suppresses inflammation when you sleep at night

Scientists Discover Light Could Exist in a Previously Unknown Form

A self-portrait of Warhol that is not by him

The crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, jam-jar drinks and chips in mugs

A festival created a miniature mock-up of Berlin’s famed Berghain with the sole purpose of denying people at the door

A story about Coleman Sweeney

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3.jpgI trained rats to trade on Wall Street. Their performance was comparable to that of the world’s best fund managers.

A new reason we haven’t found alien life in the universe: We are still waiting for them to be born.

Three healthy men (32±3.6 years) donated the first semen samples after 3-4 days of sexual abstinence followed by three subsequent samples on the same day at two-hour interval each.

Women who have had their appendix or tonsils removed appear to be more fertile, a 15-year study suggests

78% of the children in our sample who had ADHD as a child, no longer had the disorder when they were 18. Their ADHD had resolved over time.

New Study Shows Avoiding Sun Exposure Is As Dangerous As Smoking

Mosquitoes didn’t bite chickens. They appeared to avoid them as well.

Fast-Swimming Swordfish Automatically Lubricate Themselves

Medical benefits of dental floss unproven [Thanks Tim]

Patient Preference for Waxed or Unwaxed Dental Floss

Contrary to what you’ve been told, frequent password changes can be counterproductive

Researchers have built an artificial neuron

The HR Person at Your Next Job May Actually Be a Bot

Delphi to Begin Testing On-Demand Robot Taxis in Singapore

Exclusive rights of Vantablack for artistic use have recently been given to the artist Anish Kapoor

How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world

Google Cardboard Plastic

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23.jpg‘Sister Clones’ Of Dolly The Sheep Are Alive [Healthy ageing of cloned sheep]

If you’re over 40, working more than 25 hours a week could be affecting your intelligence, new research suggests.

Is empathy the result of gut intuition or careful reasoning? Research suggests that, contrary to popular belief, the latter may be more the case.

Biggest factor in divorce is the husband’s employment status, study

Airborne chemicals in cinema air varied distinctively and reproducibly with time for a particular film, even in different screenings to different audiences.

Genes influence academic ability across all subjects, latest study shows

study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trances

Thousands of fMRI brain studies in doubt due to software flaws which routinely produced false positives, resulting in errors 50 per cent of the time or more.

Biology textbooks tell us that lichens are alliances between two organisms—a fungus and an alga. They are wrong.

7-Eleven Inc. and a tech startup called Flirtey have beaten Amazon to the punch in making the first drone delivery to a customer’s home in the U.S.

Norway is building the world’s first ‘floating’ underwater tunnels

3D-printed guns that evade metal detectors, lack serial numbers, are untraceable. Moreover, 3-D firearms makers would avoid background checking.

The big hack (A scenario that could happen based on what already has)

Photographer Files $1 Billion Suit Against Getty for Licensing Her Public Domain Images

New online literary magazine dedicated to poems and prose written by AI

The bloom of our Amorphophallus titanum, known to many as the corpse flower, is a horticultural jewel 10 years in the making. Corpse Flower Cam at NYBG

The Longest Word in the World (189,819 letters) [disputed whether it is a word]

Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults, 1994 [video]

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22.jpg A designer will grow Alexander McQueen’s skin in a lab to use for leather bags and jackets

Chinese restaurant makes customers solve a mathematical equation to work out how much dishes cost

Singapore restaurant offers $2 million meal that comes with a 2 carat diamond at the end

Facial expressions of intense joy and pain are indistinguishable

Why are paranoia and schizophrenia more common in cities?

Why Are There Gay Women?

People who talk for more than roughly half minute at a time are boring and often perceived as too chatty

Cold Does Not Increase Odds of Catching Cold [NY Times]

People who made detailed predictions about sporting events (e.g., how many hits each baseball team would get) made worse predictions about more general outcomes (e.g., which team would win)

People have a general preference for reductive information, even when it is irrelevant to the logic of an explanation

The present study shows that implanting an unlikely and unfamiliar idea in the mind can prevent participants from finding a more obvious one.

Pricing Color Intensity and Lightness in Contemporary Art Auctions

The funeral home has been offering “muerto parados,” or standing dead services

Tragedy Quilts 2016 Calendar

Dog’s butt hole is the spitting image of the IKEA monkey

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333.jpg American man fighting Isis captures Pokémon on the frontline

Friends are as genetically similar as fourth cousins

An obscure virus spread through saliva - i.e. kissing - has been linked to unexplained infertility in women.

Experiments teaching robots to track and ‘hunt’ other robots

The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots

Nanotech ‘tattoo’ can map emotions and monitor muscle activity

Doctors Examine Vincent Van Gogh

I Tried Anal Weed Lube so You Don’t Have To

“Vaginoplasty”, Peaches new video

List of selfie-related injuries and deaths [Thanks GG]

North Korea GIF