His long preach about woman’s higher functions about girls now riding the bicycle and wearing peak caps


I stopped shaving. Legs, pits, bits – I ceased cultivation and let them revert to a state of nature. (…) I smell exactly the same as I did before. (…) I have changed the way I dress a little.

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photo { Edward Weston, Legs, 1934 | Edward Weston, Charis Wilson, 1934 }

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Although Weston preferred an 8 X 10 camera, he made increasing use while in Mexico of his 3-1/4 X 4-1/4 Graflex - hand held even at exposures as long as 1/10 second. To enlarge these negatives on platinum or palladium paper was tedious. An enlarged negative had to be made. First an 8 X 10 inch glass positive was made from the small negative. From this, in turn, he made a new negative, which he then printed by contact. Apparently he never printed by projection -although it was entirely practical to do so with gelatino-bromide papers which were then readily available. On his return to California he abandoned platinum and palladio papers, and settled on glossy chloro-bromide papers — which he invariably printed by contact.

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