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22.jpgWoman in sumo wrestler suit assaults ex-girlfriend who waved at man dressed as Snickers bar.

The controversial billionaire is rumored to be planning to clone a dinosaur from DNA so he can set it free in a Jurassic Park-style area at his new Palmer Resort in Coolum.

How did dinosaurs have sex?

Why India Just Suffered the World’s Biggest Blackout.

Indian police still using truth serum.

What truths does “truth serum” sodium pentothal actually reveal?

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything.

The ‘plasticity of disgust’ report concluded that ‘mothers rated their own baby’s soiled diaper as less disgusting than someone else’s baby’s diaper’.

What will we be eating in 20 years’ time?

A handful of people — only 33 confirmed to date — can remember almost every moment of their lives after about age 10 in near-perfect detail. The researchers note that people with the condition did not score high on routine memory tests and have a different kind of super memory than people who can remember long lists of facts and numbers.

Australian bottlenose dolphins that use marine sponges to forage for food have been found to socialise in cliques, in the first definitive example of subculture in animals.

Did Bill Gates Steal the Heart of DOS? The mystery of the rumored theft of CP/M by a little company called Microsoft can finally be investigated—using software forensic tools.

How Germans changed their minds about Jews, 1890-2006.

Inside L.A.’s Bizarre Human Hair Business.

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