Musical porkers. Molly did laugh when he went out.


Music is one of the basic human needs for recreation and entertainment. As song files are digitalized now a days, and digital libraries are expanding continuously, which makes it difficult to recall a song. Thus need of a new classification system other than genre is very obvious and mood based classification system serves the purpose very well. In this paper we will present a well-defined architecture to classify songs into different mood-based categories, using audio content analysis, affective value of song lyrics to map a song onto a psychological-based emotion space and information from online sources. In audio content analysis we will use music features such as intensity, timbre and rhythm including their subfeatures to map music in a 2-Dimensional emotional space. In lyric based classification 1-Dimensional emotional space is used. Both the results are merged onto a 2-Dimensional emotional space, which will classify song into a particular mood category. Finally clusters of mood based song files are formed and arranged according to data acquired from various Internet sources.

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artwork { Ruben Nusz }