Monitoring marine litter from space is now a reality

A lack of sleep can make it extraordinarily difficult to retain information. Two new studies uncover why this is and what is happening inside the brain during sleep and sleep deprivation to help or harm the formation of memories.

The con artists take on false online identities and spend months financially grooming their victims to get them to invest on fraudulent cryptocurrency websites. It’s theft at a scale so large that investigators are now calling it a mass transfer of wealth from middle-class Americans to criminal gangs. Last year, the FBI estimates, pig butchering scams stole nearly $4 billion from tens of thousands of American victims, a 53% increase from the year before.

Social-Media Influencers Aren’t Getting Rich—They’re Barely Getting By — Platforms are paying less for popular posts, brands are pickier about partnerships and a possible TikTok ban looms

‘mathematicians can’t agree on the definition of what makes two things equal

Nietzschean Language Models and Philosophical Chatbots: Outline of a Critique of AI

Chinese scientists and engineers are applying ChatGPT-like technology to sex robots, aiming to create interactive, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered companions

Shelly’s Leg (1973-1977) was Seattle’s first disco, an unapologetically gay establishment that welcomed revelers of every sexuality