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An Unpredictable Brain Is a Conscious, Responsive Brain — Severe traumatic brain injuries typically result in loss of consciousness or coma. In deeply comatose patients with traumatic brain injury, cortical dynamics become simple, repetitive, and predictable. We review evidence that this low-complexity, high-predictability state results from a passive cortical state, represented by a stable repetitive attractor, that hinders the flexible formation of neuronal ensembles necessary for conscious experience.

His recent sales on Appointment Trader, where his screen name is GloriousSeed75, include a lunch table at Maison Close, which he sold for eight hundred and fifty-five dollars, and a reservation at Carbone, the Village red-sauce place frequented by the Rolex-and-Hermès crowd, which fetched a thousand and fifty dollars. Last year, he made seventy thousand dollars reselling reservations. Another reseller, PerceptiveWash44, told me that he makes reservations while watching TV. […] Last year, he made eighty thousand dollars reselling reservations. He’s good at anticipating what spots will be most in demand, and his profile on the site ranks him as having a “99% Positive Sales History” over his last two hundred transactions. It also notes that he made almost two thousand reservations that never sold—a restaurateur’s nightmare. How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out

How I search in 2024

Apple Vision Pro is a big flop, should further dispel the myth of tech inevitability

Physicists have proposed modifications to the infamous Schrödinger’s cat paradox that could help explain why quantum particles can exist in more than one state simultaneously, while large objects (like the universe) seemingly cannot.

The odds of contracting Lyme disease from tick bites during warmer weather months continue to rise. […] what are things that I can do to protect myself?

The Sack of Palermo that took place from the 1950s to the 1980s dramatically changed the Sicilian capital’s economic and social landscape. Vast tracts of what was agricultural land, including the Conca d’Oro citrus plain, were destroyed as the city was engulfed by concrete. The Mafia played a principal role in this process. This paper will show how Cosa Nostra consolidated its business through social and local connections by granting employment to the members of lower classes such as craftsmen and construction workers and thus gaining consent.