several sunsets

reducing hours of alcohol sales from 6 am to 2 am to 9 am to 10 pm was associated with a 23% annual decrease in all violent crime compared with control areas.

Foremost in our experience is the intuition that we possess a unified conscious experience. However, many observations run counter to this intuition: we experience paralyzing indecision when faced with two appealing behavioral choices, we simultaneously hold contradictory beliefs, and the content of our thought is often characterized by an internal debate. Here, we propose the Nested Observer Windows (NOW) Model, a framework for hierarchical consciousness wherein information processed across many spatiotemporal scales of the brain feeds into subjective experience.

The study involved with 48 people who flipped 350,757 coins from 46 currencies. After all of this flipping, the researchers found that the coins had a 50.8 percent chance of landing on the side that it started on. This is down to a theory called the Diaconis Model

Advertisers sue Meta for allegedly inflating ad viewership in $7 billion lawsuit

Scientists in South Korea have announced a new world record for the length of time they sustained temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius — seven times hotter than the sun’s core — during a nuclear fusion experiment. Nuclear fusion seeks to replicate the reaction that makes the sun and other stars shine, by fusing together two atoms to unleash huge amounts of energy

there might be some justification for Eurocentrism after all, at least geographically

GeoGuessr is a browser-based geography game in which players are tasked to guess locations from Google Street View imagery.

The Mongolian Meta — It is important to know that in Ulaanbaatar there are several sunsets. But I will go into further detail on that in the chapter dedicated to Ulaanbaatar.

Mental health of Jesus — Some psychiatrists, religious scholars and writers explain that Jesus’ family, followers, and contemporaries seriously regarded him as delusional, possessed by demons, or insane.