the female brain

NJ animal shelter will name feral cat after an ex, then neuter it

Half of all surgical patients receiving anesthesia are females. Anesthetics affect sexually dimorphic brain regions involved in sleep and arousal. We demonstrate that the female brain in mice and humans is resistant to the hypnotic effects of volatile anesthetics. Sex differences in anesthetic sensitivity are largely due to acute effects of sex hormones. […] It may explain the higher incidence of awareness under anesthesia in females.

A new study suggests a link between gut inflammation and changes in the brain and declines in memory, further supporting a connection between the gut and brain in Alzheimer’s disease. […] as levels of calprotectin, an inflammatory marker, increased in the volunteer study participants’ stool samples, so did the amount of amyloid plaque accumulating in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s disease. […] Even volunteers who did not have Alzheimer’s disease had lower scores on a memory test correlated with higher levels of calprotectin. […] The concept that the gut and brain are functionally connected has become more prominent in the last 10 years and this study offers some of the first evidence that asymptomatic gut inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease may be linked.

Although Florida has more than an estimated 1.25 million alligators, attacks by the reptiles are rare – there were 442 unprovoked bite attacks from 1948 to 2021, with 26 of the bites resulting in death

First aircraft to fly on Mars perished on 18 January during its 72nd flight — It was supposed to make only five flights and last about a month, but ultimately it traversed 17 kilometres of the red planet and flew for a total of nearly 129 minutes between 2021 and 2024. An image that the helicopter took of the ground after the flight ended shows the shadow of one of the blades, with at least one-quarter of it missing. The helicopter can still communicate with Earth, at least for now, but it will not fly again.