Seeing Blue at Night May Not Be What’s Keeping You Up After All

The best way to predict if you’ll benefit from psychedelic therapy is a questionnaire asking if you’ve met God. Where did it come from, and what is it really measuring?

The internet largely runs beneath the oceans. Here’s how it works

Amazon Is Selling Products With AI-Generated Names Like “I Cannot Fulfill This Request It Goes Against OpenAI Use Policy”

2023: Artifact, the personalized news reader built by Instagram’s co-founders, is now open to the public, no sign-up required. 2024: Shutting down Artifact

they casted all identical twins to give the audience the illusion that the models walk into this transform capsule and walk out in a different outfit in seconds [more]

Flaubert Versus the World “The only way not to be unhappy is to shut yourself up in Art and count all the rest as nothing.”