Bloody Marys

Driverless cars immune from traffic tickets in California under current laws

Generative AI systems produce materials that infringe on copyright. They do not inform users when they do so. My guess is that none of this can easily be fixed. […] In all likelihood, the New York Times lawsuit is just the first of many.

Get Ready for Corporate Digital Currency — Facebook failed, but another tech giant might soon pull it off

Lying lowers people’s self-esteem and increases negative experienced affect

Our results suggest that maternal use of hormonal contraception may be associated with autism risk in children, especially for the progestin-only products.

There are few cases of creative and intellectual theft more egregious than the origins of the billion-dollar grossing Monopoly. The short version: a brilliant woman economist invented an anti-capitalist board game that was stolen by a lying, opportunistic man and repackaged as capitalist family fun. […] Included in every new Monopoly box for decades was a story about how Darrow invented the game while tinkering around in his basement

Why are Bloody Marys only for the morning?