Rip Off Fetish

AI outperforms conventional weather forecasting for the first time

How Citizen Scientists Rescued Crucial World War II Weather Data

In machine learning, a stochastic parrot is a large language model that is good at generating convincing language, but does not actually understand the meaning of the language it is processing

Perhaps “Shakespeare” was a woman — Shakespeare’s life is remarkably well documented, by the standards of the period—yet no records from his lifetime identify him unequivocally as a writer. The more than 70 documents that exist show him as an actor, a shareholder in a theater company, a moneylender, and a property investor. They show that he dodged taxes, was fined for hoarding grain during a shortage, pursued petty lawsuits, and was subject to a restraining order. The profile is remarkably coherent, adding up to a mercenary impresario of the Renaissance entertainment industry. What’s missing is any sign that he wrote. No such void exists for other major writers of the period. […] By contrast, more than a few of Shakespeare’s contemporaries are on record suggesting that his name got affixed to work that wasn’t his.

Dominatrix’s ‘Slave’ Sentenced for ‘Ferocious’ Murder of Her Boyfriend

Rip Off fetish is a FemDom fetish in which the Domme rips off Her sub, typically by increasing the price of a clip. The sub is typically turned on by being ripped off. Ideas for Rip Off Fetish: Increase the price of a very short clip that features hardly anything; Explain in painful detail why the sub deserves to be ripped off.