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Does body exposure drive income success on Instagram? Is there a difference between male and female content in this regard? […] Accounts with high level of body exposure achieve higher prices and advertising revenues than accounts with less nudity, regardless of the gender.

How AI uses social media to help con artists with the ‘grandparent scam’ and other schemes

People are editing Paul Nicklen into hospital bed pictures, faking his passports, and scamming fans out of thousands of dollars through social media impersonation.

Google is taking legal action against two groups of scammers. The first created social media pages and ran ads that encouraged people to “download” Bard, our freely available generative AI tool that does not need to be downloaded. The ads instead led people to download malware that compromised their social media accounts. The second weaponized the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to harm their business competitors by submitting thousands of blatantly fraudulent copyright notices.

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