Pushed another penguin over

imp-kerr-big-fun.jpg It’s true: People do poop, a lot, in ride lines at Disneyland and Disney World

Psychedelic treatments are speeding towards approval — but no one knows how they work

The distribution of lie prevalence is specified to exhibit a non-normal, positively skewed distribution in which the majority of people are normatively honest, and most lies are told by a few prolific liars.

willful ignorance provides people with a built-in excuse to act selfishly

A wandering mind is not always a creative mind. Anecdotes about ideas spontaneously entering awareness during walks, showers and other off-task activities are plenty. The science behind it, however, is still inconclusive. […] our findings suggest that a wandering mind is not always necessarily a creative mind

People often make judgments about uncertain facts and events, for example `Germany will win the world cup’. Here we present a rational analysis of these judgments: we argue that a guess functions as a compressed encoding of the speaker’s subjective probability distribution over relevant possibilities.

Imagine a bowl of soup that never emptied, no matter how many spoonfuls you ate - when and how would you know to stop eating? Satiation can play a role in regulating eating behavior, but research suggests visual cues may be just as important. results suggest that eating can be strongly controlled by visual cues, which can even override satiation.

One in eight users under the age of 16 said they had experienced unwanted sexual advances on the platform over the previous seven days […] unsolicited penis pictures and other forms of harassment […] When a Meta security expert told Mark Zuckerberg that Instagram’s approach to protecting teens wasn’t working, the CEO didn’t reply. Now the former insider is set to tell Congress about the predatory behavior.

Zuurbier said “that he would pay Tokelau a certain amount of money and that Tokelau would allow the domain for his use” […] In the succeeding years, tiny Tokelau became an unlikely internet giant—but not in the way it may have hoped. Until recently, its .tk domain had more users than any other country’s: a staggering 25 million. But there has been and still is only one website actually from Tokelau that is registered with the domain: the page for Teletok. Nearly all the others that have used .tk have been spammers, phishers, and cybercriminals. How a tiny Pacific Island became the global capital of cybercrime

More than 40 years ago, Farouk El-Baz theorized that the wind played a big hand in shaping the Great Sphinx of Giza before the ancient Egyptians added surface details to the landmark sculpture. A new study offers evidence to suggest that theory might be plausible.

Erewhon’s Secrets — In the 1960s, two macrobiotic enthusiasts started a health-food sect beloved by hippies. Now it’s the most culty grocer in L.A.

Penguin of the month: Timmy - Stole fish - Pushed another penguin over. Good penguin, naughty penguin: Inside the incredible drama at the National Aquarium