how happy we are

Starfish bodies aren’t bodies at all “It’s as if the sea star is completely missing a trunk, and is best described as just a head crawling along the seafloor”

One sleepless night can rapidly reverse depression for several days — Acute sleep loss increases dopamine release and rewires the brain, new study finds

wasabi improves short- and long-term memory in older people

our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health

The significant health benefits of walking backward

When science showed in the 1970s that gas stoves produced harmful indoor air pollution, the industry reached fortobacco’s PR playbook

Amazon can keep the drones in the air only by giving stuff away. Years of toil by top scientists and aviation specialists have yielded a program that flies Listerine Cool Mint Breath Strips or a can of Campbell’s Chunky Minestrone With Italian Sausage — but not both at once — to customers as gifts. […] Only one item can be delivered at a time. It can’t weigh over five pounds. It can’t be too big. It can’t be something breakable, since the drone drops it from 12 feet. The drones can’t fly when it is too hot or too windy or too rainy. You need to be home to put out the landing target and to make sure that a porch pirate doesn’t make off with your item or that it doesn’t roll into the street… But your car can’t be in the driveway. Letting the drone land in the backyard would avoid some of these problems, but not if there are trees. Amazon has also warned customers that drone delivery is unavailable during periods of high demand for drone delivery.

I had my hoodies that featured these amazing 1940’s drawings of Snow White fucking the dwarfs and stuff like that. […] I do think retouching often ruins the image. In these 70s, 80s porn mags i’m talking about the woman looked so real and sexual in such a visceral way, the frizziness of the hair would look like a halo because of the lighting, she might have stretchmarks showing inside her thighs which just makes her more tangible and makes you want to fuck, you want to touch her because she feels real. […] It’s like you have bad values if you slept with more than like 9 people and if any less then you’re an angel. Why is there so much value put on sex, who you’ve had sex with and how many times […] I feel so sorry for the generation behind us, the saturation levels are insane. I watched something yesterday and it said in the last 20 years, the human race has risen by about 2 billion, which is insane. How can you expect to get your dream job, to be singular, to stand out and to have created something truly new? Can you actually even do anything new anymore? And that makes me so sad.