Italian woman wins court case to evict her two sons, aged 40 and 42

about 22 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous activity may provide an antidote to the ills of prolonged sitting

Cats have 276 facial expressions — Each expression combined about four of 26 unique facial movements, including parted lips, jaw drops, dilated or constricted pupils, blinks and half blinks, pulled lip corners, nose licks, protracted or retracted whiskers, and/or various ear positions. By comparison, humans have 44 unique facial movements, although researchers are still working out how many different expressions they combine into, Florkiewicz says. Dogs have 27 facial movements, but again, their total number of expressions isn’t known.

AI ‘breakthrough’: neural net has human-like ability to generalize language

Humans Absorb Bias from AI — And Keep It after They Stop Using the Algorithm

Thai Food Near Me, Dentist Near Me, Notary Near Me, Plumber Near Me — businesses across the country picked names meant to outsmart Google Search. Does it actually work?

How to find a lost phone in a no-cell-coverage camping site?

“african country that starts with k”

An account on Grindr called “GiantCockNYC” is constantly reappearing in users’ messages despite being blocked, with the account owner claiming they are an employee for the hookup app who is able to repeatedly remove the blocks. But Grindr itself says that isn’t the case here. A spokesperson said in an email that “The person created multiple profiles, deleted, then created another — with the same name/photos to make it appear as though blocks weren’t working.”