numerous inexplicable phenomena

German museum employee swaps painting for fake and sells original to fund ‘luxury lifestyle’

The story of how one independent researcher conducted the largest-ever survey on fetishes

Zurich opens drive-in ’sex boxes’ — Modelled after drive-in brothels used in Germany and the Netherlands, the sex boxes will be open daily from 7pm to 5am.

Given that goalkeepers use multiple sensory cues and are often required to make rapid decisions based on incomplete multisensory information to fulfil their role, we hypothesised that professional goalkeepers would display enhanced multisensory temporal processing relative to their outfield counterparts. […] Our finding that professional goalkeepers exhibit a narrower temporal binding window [the window of time within which separate sensory inputs are merged into a single perceptual event] relative to the other two groups is consistent with prior research indicating that individuals who frequently integrate multiple sensory cues, such as trained musicians and video game players, demonstrate more precise multisensory temporal processing. However, an important unresolved question is whether this multisensory advantage stems from a preexisting skill set that initially led them to become goalkeepers, or if it results from a perceptual learning effect whereby repeated exposure to audiovisual stimuli has improved their multisensory temporal processing over time.

The association between coffee and mortality risk has been found in most previous studies, and recent studies have found an association between coffee consumption and cognition. However, there is still a lack of research exploring whether the association between coffee and mortality is influenced by cognitive function […] Our study suggested that the association between coffee consumption and mortality is influenced by cognition and varies with cognitive impairment in different cognitive domains

the plastic-eating bacteria that could change the world

seagrass beds can capture and retain carbon for centuries—even in situations where the seagrass dies off. The findings offer new optimism for using nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change.

What is the world’s biggest digital bank? No, not HSBC — it’s Brazil’s Nubank, which reported close to $5 billion in revenue last year. What is the most widely used social media platform in Vietnam? Not Facebook or TikTok — it’s Zalo, with an impressive 87% adoption rate. And what was one of the earliest online food delivery platforms? That would be Talabat, launched by a group of Kuwaiti students in Cairo, in 2004. That’s three years before the iPhone came to market. 40 trailblazing companies that, in their own ways, beat the West.

Untruths spouted by chatbots ended up on the web—and Microsoft’s Bing search engine served them up as facts. Generative AI could make search harder to trust.

Tech doesn’t make our lives easier. It makes them faster

Oldest evidence of human cannibalism as a funerary practice

Fake History Hunter: Medieval staircases were NOT built going clockwise for the defender’s advantage

5 schools of philosophy that died out

Airports live radio transmission

During the making of this programme members of the production team and crew experienced numerous inexplicable phenomena.