a third robotic arm

about half of 11- to 17-year-olds get at least 237 notifications a day. Some get nearly 5,000 in 24 hours. The pop-ups are almost always linked to alerts from friends on social media.

we ask that the Norwegian temporary ban on behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram be made permanent and extended to the entire European Union

Anyone who has used H&R Block’s tax return preparation services in recent years may have unintentionally helped line Meta and Google’s pockets. That’s according to a new class action lawsuit which alleges the three companies “jointly schemed” to install trackers on the H&R Block site to scan and transmit tax data back to the tech companies which then used elements of the data to engage in targeted advertising.

One-hour training is all you need to control a third robotic arm

Sleep regularity is a stronger predictor of mortality risk than sleep duration […] Sleep regularity may be a simple, effective target for improving general health and survival.

Tire Dust Makes Up the Majority of Ocean Microplastics, Study Finds — 78 percent of ocean microplastics are from synthetic tire rubber […] It’s an emissions problem that won’t go away with the transition to electric vehicles […] EVs tend to shed around 20 percent more from their tires due to their higher weight and high torque compared to traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles.

Waste plastic can be recycled into hydrogen fuel and graphene

Eduardo Williams on The Human Surge 3