Bored Apes investors

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Nvidia’s H100 GPU is the most sought-after resource in the tech industry right now, thanks to the role it’s playing in powering the generative AI boom. […] Saudi Arabia has bought at least 3,000 of Nvidia’s H100 chips — a $40,000 processor

‘Bored Apes’ investors sue Sotheby’s, Paris Hilton and others as NFT prices collapse

Trump, who currently holds $2.8 million in ETH, earned $4.87 million in licensing fees from his NFT collection

In an explosive new lawsuit, shutterbug Jacob Beam says his entire life has gone down the tubes thanks to Libbie Mugrabi—who reportedly once had a physical altercation with ex-husband David Mugrabi over a $500,000 Keith Haring sculpture—and that he now works as a part-time food deliveryman while attempting to get past the “psychological and emotional issues caused by [the] horrific ordeal he has undergone.”

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