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It appears Australia is truly on its way to becoming a cashless society, with the number of notes in circulation officially declining for the first time since dollars and cents were introduced in 1966.

The Billionaire Who Controls Your Medical Records — The company dress code is: “When there are visitors, you must wear clothes.”

“One of the security guards was saying to the guy, ‘Dude, you cannot be naked in here,’” she recalled. “The guy was all confused and upset that he couldn’t be naked in the theater … he was getting all worked up.” […] Some people seem to have forgotten how to go to the movies, with widespread reports of drunken outbursts, rampant cellphone use and exhibitionism.

I Went to 50 Different Dentists and Almost All of Them Gave Me a Different Diagnosis

The “full Ginsburg” is a term used in American politics to refer to a person who appears on all five American major Sunday morning talk shows on the same day. The term is named for William H. Ginsburg, the lawyer for Monica Lewinsky during the sexual conduct scandal involving President Bill Clinton. Ginsburg was the first person to accomplish this feat, on February 1, 1998.

Elon Musk Will Train His AI Project Using Your Tweets

Not enough films feature dykes talking about fisting