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Reverse cowgirl: the world’s most dangerous sexual position

People see themselves differently from how they see others. They are immersed in their own sensations, emotions, and cognitions at the same time that their experience of others is dominated by what can be observed externally. This basic asymmetry has broad consequences. It leads people to judge themselves and their own behavior differently from how they judge others and those others’ behavior. Often, those differences produce disagreement and conflict. Understanding the psychological basis of those differences may help mitigate some of their negative effects. [PDF]

Mind-reading machines are coming — how can we keep them in check?

Meta’s Reality Labs, which develops virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, has lost more than $21 billion since 2022

Every major subscription streaming company has increased its prices in the past year in an effort to address Wall Street’s push for profits. The average consumer is willing to pay roughly $42 monthly for streaming services, according to a recent survey.

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“I met Iggy Pop at Max’s Kansas City in 1970 or 1971,” recalled David Bowie. “Me, Iggy and Lou Reed at one table with absolutely nothing to say to each other, just looking at each other’s eye makeup.” William Burroughs smoking in a corner with Allen Ginsberg. Twiggy and Mick Jagger and Dennis Hopper — dancing to live performances upstairs like the Velvet Underground (performing at Max’s during their last days), Bob Marley or a young Bruce Springsteen on acoustic guitar.

Mind Grenade

Vintage Las Vegas