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Doctors reattach boy’s head after car accident thanks to ‘amazing’ surgery

Want fewer car accidents? Remove traffic signals and road signs

An alleged killer joined a Facebook group for passing on kids’ items to find pregnant mothers and possibly kidnap them, according to a search warrant. Some moms in the group say neither the FBI nor Meta informed them that their data was caught up in a murder investigation.

Artificial intelligence is helping American cops look for “suspicious” patterns of movement, digging through license plate databases with billions of records. A drug trafficking case in New York has uncloaked — and challenged — one of the biggest rollouts of the controversial technology to date.

Increased exercise or daily steps were associated with better sleep quality (for example, faster sleep onset and less time awake in bed), especially in countries like the U.S. and Finland.

Fully AI-Generated Influencers Are Getting Thousands of Reactions Per Thirst Trap

Nearly six years after his mysterious disappearance, on September 4th, 2019, xkcdHatGuy emerged from oblivion, looking older but with his unmistakable voice intact