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German ‘king’ jailed after court refuses him immunity as ‘head of state’

Phone numbers for airlines listed on Google directed to scammers

The United States Air Force is investigating a company that’s purchased $800 million of land near Travis Air Force Base, one of the most critical military bases in the U.S. […] Public records show the company “Flannery Associates LLC” began purchasing land around the military base in 2018. […] Now literally three sides of that base are totally controlled by the Flannery group […] “Where did they get the money where they could pay five to ten times the normal value that others would pay for this farmland?” Even after eight months of investigation, Garamendi says federal authorities are still struggling to get those answers. “To this day we don’t know where these people are coming from”

‘ChatGPT’s evil twin’ WormGPT is devoid of morals and just €60 a month on the darkweb

AI That Teaches Other AI

One million US deaths in 2020 and 1.1 million US deaths in 2021 would have been averted if the United States had the mortality rates of other wealthy nations. About half of these missing Americans died before age 65. The number of excess US deaths relative to peers is unprecedented in modern times, at least since the 1930s. These excess US deaths were a result of a decades-long divergence in mortality from other wealthy nations, beginning in the 1980s, and were further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Masters of the Bubbleverse Secretive hedge fund Tiger Global changed the rules on tech investing. Then it all went bad. […] Tiger Global partner Scott Shleifer spent $122.7 million for Donald Trump’s former Palm Beach estate after looking at the house for 15 minutes.

Goldman Sachs has lost over a billion dollars, mostly because of the Apple Card

‘Steve Jobs’ is an Italian company — and Apple can’t do anything about it

Las Vegas’ $2.3 Billion LED Sphere Looked Better in Renderings — the $2.3 billion structure is really only good at displaying spherical objects like planets, gigantic basketballs or jack-o-lanterns

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