Humans are pumping out so much groundwater that it’s changing Earth’s tilt

GPT-4 is getting worse over time, not better. GPT-4 (March 2023) was very good at identifying prime numbers (accuracy 97.6%) but GPT-4 (June 2023) was very poor on these same questions (accuracy 2.4%).

You search Delta Air Lines’ website … the Phoenix-Atlanta flights on the day before the holiday are sold out. Then you see a Delta flight to Orlando, Florida, from Phoenix for $260 per passenger in basic economy with a layover in Atlanta. You decide to book the flight and leave the plane in Atlanta instead of flying to Orlando. This travel hack is called skiplagging. Some passengers use it to save money when the longer route is cheaper than the desired destination.

Teenager detained at Florida airport and accused of ‘skiplagging’ travel hack

VanMoof — the independent e-bike maker that once bragged about being the “most funded e-bike company in the world” — has been declared bankrupt in the Netherlands.

Biotech startup aims to make lab-grown human eggs […] The experimental technology could help women who have lost their eggs to cancer treatment, women who have never been able to produce healthy eggs and women whose eggs are no longer viable because of their age. IVG would enable these women to have their own genetically related babies at any age. That’s because induced pluripotent stem cells can be made from just a single cell from anyone’s skin or blood. So these lab-grown eggs would have that person’s DNA.

loss of smell — known as hyposmia — has emerged as an early indicator of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

With blackouts imposed across the United Kingdom in a bid to keep German bombers at bay, so came the opportunity for criminals to commit their dark deeds in almost perfect darkness. But did crime levels increase during the Second World War?

Take PinkyDoll, a TikToker with skyrocketing views, who is now known for her NPC streaming performances on the app. Often using the catchphrases, “Ice cream so good” and “Yes, yes, yes!” […] PinkyDoll reportedly makes anything from $2,000 to 3,000 per stream [more]