People in comas showed ‘conscious-like’ brain activity as they died, study says — The scientists retrospectively analysed the brain activity data in the moments after life support was withdrawn until the patients’ deaths. Upon removal of ventilator support, two of the patients showed an increase in heart rate along with a surge of gamma wave activity, considered the fastest brain activity and associated with consciousness. The activity was detected in the so-called hot zone, an area in the back of the brain linked to conscious brain activity. This area has been correlated with dreaming, visual hallucinations in epilepsy, and altered states of consciousness in other brain studies.

A Brain Scanner Combined with an AI Language Model Can Provide a Glimpse into Your Thoughts

AI Chatbots Have Been Used to Create Dozens of News Content Farms — A new report documents 49 new websites populated by AI tools like ChatGPT and posing as news outlets

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These results more firmly establish first person singular pronoun use as a linguistic marker of depression

a Bloomberg report details the recent drastic increase in auto repossessions. Bloomberg cites data from Fitch Ratings saying that 5.3% of subprime auto borrowers are 60 days late or more on their payments. Compare that to May 2021, when that number reached a seven-year low of 2.58%.

Since the pandemic, the studios have become one of the trendiest destinations among South Korean Gen Z. The spaces — with no staff visibly present — typically house three to six photo booths and are open 24 hours a day.

“AND NOW?” is the prompt that follows every action on ECHO, a 34-year-old text-based social network that still hosts a community of former and current New Yorkers. When you log in: AND NOW? After checking who’s online: AND NOW? Upon joining one of ECHO’s chat rooms, called conferences: AND NOW?