Can water solve a maze?

usps.pngSome Guy Bought the Flatiron Building and Didn’t Pay for It

Meta wants EU users to apply for permission to opt out of data collection. Instead of a yes/no consent, Meta users will fill out a form and include justification.

Meta brings in a DJ to play dance music in one of its cafes as the company urges workers to return to the office

Authenticity refers to behaving in a manner that aligns with one’s true self. The true self, though, is positive. From a self-enhancement standpoint, people exaggerate their strengths and overlook their shortcomings,forming positively-distorted views of themselves.

Figuring out a lie has never been easier: forget body language or how convincing the message is, just listen to how detailed and rich the story is.

Adult individuals frequently face difficulties in attracting and keeping mates, which is an important driver of singlehood. In the current research, we investigated the mating performance (i.e., how well people do in attracting and retaining intimate partners) and singlehood status in 14 different countries. We found that poor mating performance was in high occurrence, with about one in four participants scoring low in this dimension, and more than 57% facing difficulties in starting and/or keeping a relationship. Men and women did not differ in their mating performance scores, but there was a small yet significant effect of age, with older participants indicating higher mating performance. nearly 13% of the participants indicated that they were involuntarily single, which accounted for about one-third of the singles in the sample. […] more than 15% of the participants indicated that they were voluntarily single

A core focus of the entire field of synthetic biology is to be able to design new genetic circuits in order to be able to program cells to accomplish new goals. […] A stunning example of this is the design of a cell-scale biosynthetic pathway in baker’s yeast to produce scopolamine—a medicinally valuable chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter inhibitor.

Harvard geneticists create an organism that is immune to all viruses

Association Between Daily Alcohol Intake and Risk of All-Cause Mortality […] meta-analysis of 107 cohort studies involving more than 4.8 million participants found no significant reductions in risk of all-cause mortality for drinkers who drank less than 25 g of ethanol per day (about 2 Canadian standard drinks) compared with lifetime nondrinkers […] significantly increased risk of all-cause mortality among female drinkers who drank 25 or more grams per day and among male drinkers who drank 45 or more grams per day.

Dumb phones are on the rise in the U.S. as Gen Z looks to limit screen time — Companies like HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones, continue to sell millions of mobile devices similar to those used in the early 2000s.

There’s no doubt that we are polluting the planet. In order to find out how these pollutants might be affecting our own bodies, we need to work out how we are exposed to them. Which chemicals are we inhaling, eating, and digesting? And how much? Enter the field of exposomics. The term “exposome” was first coined a couple of decades ago. The idea is that it should capture all the things we are exposed to that might affect our health, whether we encounter them in our diets or in our environment. We already know that our genomes help determine our risk of various diseases, but that’s only part of the story. The exposome should help fill the gaps. As you might expect, this is a huge field that covers everything from the effect of a pregnant person’s diet on a fetus to the impact of structural racism on people’s health. But let’s focus on one of the trickier areas of study—understanding our exposure to pollutants. […] Once a chemical gets into your body, it doesn’t stay in its original form for very long. It might get broken down by enzymes in your liver or acids in your stomach, for example. Scientists have learned which breakdown products to look for to estimate a person’s exposure to lots of chemicals, but not all of them.

New York City Is Building a Wall of Oysters to Fend Off Floods

A new Panthera study published today in Landscape Ecology has found that pumas might utilize a sly hunting strategy known as ‘garden to hunt,’ by which puma kills fertilize or deposit nutrients in soil that increase plant quality and attract ungulates to feed in select habitat conducive to future stalk-and-ambush puma hunting.

ChatGPT is a parrot repeating what it saw on the internet with additional Bullshit-generation capabilities. There is no way a model trained simply on the objective of learning how the language __looks like__ is able to do much more than repeat information (in a way aligned to user query) that it already saw during training as it has little to none understanding of the contents. […] The fact that OpenAI allegedly tried to hire people to play with and explain in extensive detail how to solve various problems only proves that simply making a model bigger does not mean it becomes smarter. […] I just refused a job at #OpenAI. The job would consist in working 40 hours a week solving python puzzles, explaining my reasoning through extensive commentary, in such a way that the machine can, by imitation, learn how to reason. ChatGPT is way less independent than people think.

How to make Asteroids game with GPT-4

Can water solve a maze?

an ad that Andy Warhol placed in the Feb. 24, 1966, “Village Voice”