technique for producing babies of the desired sex

Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are citing one another in a misinformation shitshow

Study describes new ‘safe’ technique for producing babies of the desired sex […] According to the study, 59 couples in this group desired female offspring and the technique resulted in 79.1% (231/292) female embryos. This resulted in the birth of 16 girls without any abnormalities. […] Forty-six couples desiring male offspring ended up with 79.6% male embryos (223/280), resulting in the birth of 13 healthy baby boys.

high IQ associated with fewer psychopathology symptoms

For USA Today parent company Gannett, social media success has little to do with the news. Two of its editorial franchises, Humankind and Problem Solved, have seen growth in their social reach across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, where the brands have prioritized vertical video formats. There, the media company has used the viewership to generate advertising revenue and build awareness of the USA Today brand. [via EEAN]

Genomic analyses of Beethoven’s hair reveals “an extra-pair paternity event” in his ancestry [Extra-pair paternity is the result of copulation between a female and a male other than her social partner.]

A Norwegian man who had his own genitals, nipple and leg amputated appeared in a U.K. court this week accused of livestreaming the castration of other men on his “eunuch maker” website. He and eight other men were said to be part of a subculture of genital “nullification,” in which men willingly have their genitals removed to become “Nullos.”