Snakes have clitorises

2.jpgElon Musk asks Twitter investors for more money

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence.

KoGuan Leo, an Indonesian billionaire and the third-largest individual shareholder of Tesla, is calling for the electric carmaker’s CEO, Elon Musk, to step down as much of his attention is focused on Twitter lately.

Elon Musk sells $3.6bn of shares in electric car maker Tesla. It brings the total of Tesla stocks sold by Musk over the past year to almost $40bn. Musk remains Tesla’s biggest shareholder with a 13.4% stake.

Musk’s $5.7 Billion Mystery Gift Went to His Own Charity

Snakes have clitorises

I Asked ChatGPT To Explain Some Jokes to Me

DoNotPay, the company that bills itself as “the world’s first robot lawyer,” is launching a new AI-powered chatbot that can help you negotiate bills and cancel subscriptions without having to deal with customer service.

In order to protest AI image generators stealing artists work to train AI models, artists are deliberately generating AI art based on the IP of corporations (Disney, Nintendo, DC, and Marvel)

Stability AI plans to let artists opt out of Stable Diffusion 3 image training

AI search engines: [about], Metaphor, Talk to Books

Reducing the particles generated by flushing institutional toilets A previous study reported that institutional flush-O-meter (FOM) toilets can generate 3–12 times as many droplets as other toilets by splashing (large droplets) and bubble bursting (fine droplets). In this study, an aerosol suppression lid was evaluated to measure the reduction of particles by size using three metrics

Memories are stored in all different areas across the brain as networks of neurons called engrams. In addition to collecting information about incoming stimuli, these engrams capture emotional information. In a new study, Steve Ramirez, a neuroscientist at Boston University, found evidence that good and bad memories are stored in different regions of the hippocampus, a cashew-shaped structure that holds sensory and emotional information necessary for forming and retrieving memories. […] His team also found that they could manipulate memories by activating these regions. When he and his team activated the top area of the hippocampus, bad memories were less traumatic. Conversely, when they activated the bottom part, mice exhibited signs of long-last lasting anxiety-related behavioral changes.

Facial expressions may be an unreliable way to read emotions

Schizophrenia has been an evolutionary paradox: it has high heritability, but it is associated with decreased reproductive success. […] The etiology of schizophrenia has not been understood and there have been no major breakthroughs in the treatment of schizophrenia for 60 years. […] The new etiological synthesis of schizophrenia indicates that an interaction between host genotype, microbe infection, and chronic stress causes schizophrenia, with neuroinflammation and gut dysbiosis mediating this etiological pathway.

in a phase 2 clinical trial, a personalized mRNA cancer vaccine, when combined with immunotherapy drug Keytruda, reduced the risk of recurrence by 44%.

The world has been trying to master this limitless clean energy source since the 1930s. We’re now closer than ever

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, commonly known as the Order of Malta or Knights of Malta — Though it possesses no territory, the order is often considered a sovereign entity of international law, as it maintains diplomatic relations with many countries