I didn’t hear the last, you know, several things you might have been saying to me

Researchers have rejuvenated a 53-year-old woman’s skin cells so they are the equivalent of a 23-year-old’s. […] The new method, called IPS, involved adding chemicals to adult cells for around 50 days. This resulted in genetic changes that turned the adult cells into stem cells. […] The technique cannot immediately be translated to the clinic because the IPS method increases the risk of cancers.

Oxytocin, the hormone that is responsible for feelings of love and social bonding, is being used with great success in helping big cats at rescue sanctuaries.

what happens when police pull over a driverless car in San Francisco and Autonomous Cruise car encounter with police raises policy questions

The flood of spam calls, texts, emails and social media posts into your life is getting a lot bigger.

Recent polling shows that 72 percent of American people view Amazon favorably. This makes it the second-most-trusted institution in the country, after the military.[NY Times]

A Practical Guide to the Nonsense Industry — Look behind the title page of Richard Bolles’s What Color Is Your Parachute? (2022) and see that its copyright has been renewed 48 times. The text has been revised, updated, and reprinted almost annually since its debut in 1970. At the time of Bolles’s death in 2017, his forever book had sold upward of 10 million copies, a number which has likely been padded by the two most recent editions, co-authored by career counselor Katharine Brooks during the pandemic years.

Stephen Covey said people don’t listen with the intent of understanding. They listen with the intent of replying, right? And I think everyone agrees with that quote. And scientists study the human brain, and they found that it takes a human brain a minimum of zero point six seconds to formulate a response to something. Ok, but then they studied hundreds of thousands of conversations about the average gap between people talking and it was zero point two seconds. So we’re answering each other in one third the time our brain will allow it. Well, how? Because you know, most of the time we have our answer ready minutes ago, we’re just waiting for the other person to come up for air so we can say what we’ve been dying to say. Meanwhile, I didn’t hear the last, you know, several things you might have been saying to me.

Sweden’s porn preferences vs radiation received from Chernobyl