Every day, the same, again

ant-mimicking spiders

sex offender opened door nude, invited trick-or-treaters inside

Sexual Practices and Satisfaction of Lesbian and Heterosexual Women In their last sexual encounter, lesbian women were more likely to say “I love you,” have sex longer than 30 min, and engage in gentle kissing

“Drinking To Cope” Doesn’t Work, Even When We Believe That It Does

Religion and spirituality are not important psychosocial factors influencing body weight

In a somewhat bizarre set of survey data from 2015, 33 percent of Millennials identified as Gen X, and 8 percent said that they were Boomers. […] Worse, consultants and marketing experts take advantage of the appetite for these sorts of narratives by framing generations monolithically and presenting themselves to clients as authorities on entire segments of the population. […] The dividing lines between generations are a figment of our collective imagination.

A fake gravesite in a real cemetery has made appearances in several films and TV shows over the past 30 years

The Real-Life Whale That Gave Moby Dick His Name

A Literary History of Witches