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Facial recognition cameras installed in UK school canteens

Hooters under fire over new ‘crotch string’ uniform shorts

According to economist George Taylor’s hemline index theory, the length of women’s skirts and dresses can be indicative of the direction of financial markets. Meaning, hemlines rise in times of economic prosperity and elongate when the economy slows.

Is the Hemline Index Actually Real?

Emotion in relation to ham varied. FaceReader was used to determine the facial expression.

Do elites capture foreign aid? This paper documents that aid disbursements to highly aid-dependent countries coincide with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers known for bank secrecy and private wealth management, but not in other financial centers.

Piece by piece, the mythology around ridesharing is falling apart. Uber and Lyft promised ubiquitous self-driving cars by as soon as this year. They promised an end to private car ownership. They promised to reduce congestion in the largest cities. They promised consistently affordable rides. They promised to boost public transit use. They promised profitable business models. They promised a surfeit of well-paying jobs. Heck, they even promised flying cars. Well, none of that has gone as promised. […] Uber and Lyft envisioned a future where software algorithms would push each car to host three or more passengers, easing traffic and providing a complement to public transit options. Instead, […] The duration of traffic jams increased by nearly 5 percent in urban areas since Uber and Lyft moved in. […] The efficiencies of ride hailing were supposed to all but end car ownership — instead vehicle sales are on the rise again this year, after a down year in 2020. [NY Times]

When companies start secret projects it’s common that everyone involved has to sign an NDA [Non-disclosure agreement]. The development of the original iPhone was so secret that people had to sign an NDA in order to sign the iPhone’s NDA