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6.jpgPeople Are Taking Out Loans Against Their NFTs—And Defaulting

Disguises and the Origins of Clothing

Sexual vocalization was most frequent during penetration itself compared with other forms of sexual activities, which supports its signaling function. The most frequently reported sexual vocalizations were moaning/groaning, followed by screams and instructional commands, squeals, and words. About 38% of females reported that they pretended vocalization.

Congenitally blind participants facially imitate smiles heard in speech, despite having never seen a facial expression

Research finds that creative ideas are generated by two cognitive pathways: insight and persistence […] people’s beliefs about creativity undervalue persistence and overvalue insight

The proliferation of homemade “ghost guns” has skyrocketed in Los Angeles. […] The weapons typically are made of polymer parts created with 3D printing technology and can be assembled using kits at home. They often are relatively inexpensive. Because they are not made by licensed manufacturers, they lack serial numbers, making them impossible to track.

Most wildfires are started by humans – downed powerlines, an unattended campfire, a flat tire that sends sparks into dry brush. But arson – the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property – isn’t all that common. In 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, arson was found to be the cause of about 9% of the 3,086 fires Cal Fire responded to, and responsible for 2% of all acres burned that year.

How to Fire Frank Lloyd Wright — “1½ feet is not enough space between the tub and the wall. I wonder how many bathrooms Mr. Wright has cleaned.”

Andrew Clemens (1857 – 1894) was a sand artist […] He would collect naturally colored grains of sand […] Clemens separated the sand grains into piles, by color, and used them to form the basis for his art. [more]

It’s not the first time drones rained down from the skies [Thanks Tim]