Every day, the same, again

Artist who squirts paint with his eyes destroys canvases to create NFTs

We trained two monkeys to play the Pac-Man

They fed forty ducks a diet of commercial duck mash salted with powdered depleted uranium. None of the ducks died of it, or got sick, or even lost weight. Moreover, the researchers reported, the ducks “were in fair to excellent flesh” when slaughtered.

Forty-one percent of children claimed that bacon came from a plant

Norway to hit 100 per cent electric vehicle sales early next year

Johns Hopkins researchers find thousands of unknown chemicals in electronic cigarettes

Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus, new analysis of ancient documents suggests

Compared to vegans, meat consumers experienced both lower depression and anxiety

How to Grow Your Bangs Out So Much You Escape the Surveillance State [Thanks Tim]

Porn star Belle Delphine makes $1.2 million in a month with OnlyFans. Delphine is perhaps best known for her “gamer girl bathwater” stunt where she sold $30 jars of her own used bathwater