Every day, the same, again


A Danish Museum Lent an Artist $84,000 to Reproduce an Old Work About Labor. Instead, He Pocketed It and Called It Conceptual Art [Thanks Tim!]

Woman charged for crying during surgery […] an $11 charge for “Brief Emotion” and a billing code of CPT Code 96127. […] “CPT Code 96127: How to Increase Revenue with This NEW Behavioral or Emotional Assessment” CPT Code 96127 “is a code that may be used to report brief behavioral or emotional assessments for reimbursement” and “may be billed four times for each patient per visit, utilizing four different instruments or assessments. So not only will clinicians have more efficient practices by utilizing these screenings, but they can also use them to build revenue.”

A Brooklyn NYPD stationhouse became flooded after a sergeant tossed a set of patrol car keys to a colleague and accidentally struck a ceiling sprinkler

A missing man in Turkey accidentally joined a search party for hours before realising he was the person they were looking for

There’s a Multibillion-Dollar Market for Your Phone’s Location Data — A huge but little-known industry has cropped up around monetizing people’smovements

The new dot com bubble is called online advertising [2019]

Apple Pay with Visa Hacked to Make Payments via Locked iPhones — Researchers have demonstrated that someone could use a stolen, locked iPhone to pay for thousands of dollars of goods or services, no authentication needed

The most successful people are not the most talented, just the luckiest, a computer model of wealth creation confirms.

The U.S. was ranked first among nations in pandemic preparedness but has among the highest death rates in the industrialized world. […] More Americans have been killed by the new coronavirus than the influenza pandemic of 1918, despite a century of intervening medical advancement. […] the U.S. had “failed to sustain progress in any coherent manner” in its capacity to handle infectious diseases.

Lead contamination found in blood of half of young kids in U.S.

Why do people eat the same breakfast every day?

At first blush, condemnation of other individuals’ drug use can seem puzzling because one individual’s use of drugs has little to no impact on an observer’s outcomes. Recent work aimed at solving this puzzle suggests that much of the variability in drug condemnation overlaps with orientations toward a more versus less committed sexual strategy, presumably because of associations between drug use and casual sex. For example, adolescent recreational drug use covaries with earlier sexual debut, more sexual partners, and engaging in unprotected sex, and recreational drugs are often used at events where people seek out uncommitted sex. People who invest heavily in long-term, committed relationships have more to lose in social ecologies that afford opportunities for mate switching or so-called extrapair copulations, and people who pursue short-term mates benefit from such ecologies. Hence, individuals who are more commitment oriented should support rules that shift the social ecology toward high commitment in relationships. Individuals who are less commitment oriented should resist such rules because they would be the targets of condemnation and punishment simply for engaging in their preferred sexual behaviors. Accordingly, findings indicate that sexual strategy (i.e., being more vs. less open to sex outside of a committed relationship) relates to moral views toward contraception and abortion, pornography, and same-sex marriage. […] Results are consistent with the proposal that some moral sentiments are calibrated to promote strategic sexual interests, which arise partially via genetic factors.

New study uncovers consistent patterns in the metaphors that people use to describe God

How an eccentric engineer at the Beatles’ record company invented the CT scan

Beethoven began to lose his hearing at age 28. By age 44, his hearing loss was complete, most likely caused by compression of the eighth cranial nerve associated with Paget’s disease of bone. Beethoven’s head became large, and he had a prominent forehead, a large jaw, and a protruding chin (see picture)—features that are consistent with Paget’s disease. Eventually, his hat and shoes did not fit because of bone enlargement.

Beethoven never finished his 10th Symphony. AI just did

The Church of Ambrosia is a nondenominational, interfaith religious organization that supports the use and safe access of all Entheogenic Plants, with a focus on Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms. More: Zide Door is a Church in Oakland supporting the safe access and use of Entheogenic Plants. We follow a nondenominational, interfaith religion, The Church of Ambrosia

The world’s first gold-plated hotel tower in Hanoi has a golden shower on its rooftop terrace