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1.jpgHome delivery drones in Australia had to be suspended after they were repeatedly attacked by birds

Crypto-Trading Hamster Performs Better Than Warren Buffett And The S&P 500

Illegal massage parlors outnumber Starbucks 2 to 1 in NYC

This ballistics study examines whether saline breast implants can decrease tissue penetration in firearm injuries

I argue that much of the unconsciousness of high-level cognition is plausibly due to internal inattentional blindness […] In other words, rather than being structurally unconscious, many higher mental processes might instead be “preconscious”, and would become conscious if a person attended to them.

Extinction of Indigenous languages leads to loss of exclusive knowledge about medicinal plants

San Francisco’s bizarre, costly quest for the perfect trash can — Rather than use off-the-shelf models, San Francisco has engaged in a years-long process to design cans that’ll cost thousands of dollars apiece. And it’s not nearly done.

Engineer Devises “UFO Patents” for the U.S. Navy — The patents include designs for a futuristic hybrid vehicle with a radical propulsion system that would work equally well in the air, underwater, and in space, as well as a compact fusion reactor, a gravitational wave generator, and even a “spacetime modification weapon” […] it’s evident that the tech necessary to actually create the devices described is beyond our current capabilities.

a succession of women appeared in public performance as Circassian beauties, with a carefully crafted foreign allure and a particular visual script: voluminous Afro-like hair, exoticized peasant costumes, a bit of skin (more as time went on: dresses eventually gave way to ruffly shorts and tights), and a name that usually began with the letter “Z” — Zula Zeleah, Zoe Zobedia, Zuruby Hannum, and Zobeide Luti, to name a few.