Every day, the same, again

Researchers are toilet-training cows to reduce ammonia emissions caused by their waste

Posing as Walmart, scammers send crypto surging 25%

Sleep duration was reduced on nights during the waxing phase of the lunar cycle. The effects of the lunar cycle on human sleep are more pronounced among men.

After years of development, the company recently released eight kinds of whey protein isolate that dissolve in water and become practically undetectable to the senses: essentially no taste, smell, cloudiness or dry mouthfeel. The protein isolates are food ghosts, an essence of nutrition utterly devoid of substance. Arla Food Ingredients sells the protein isolates to companies that add them to consumer products. All eight have the same general properties, with each individually tuned for different applications. Lacprodan SP-9213, for instance, remains stable under acidic conditions. Imagine a glass of orange juice with the protein of an omelette. […] Arla’s whey protein isolate is part of the latest phase of an important ongoing trend: after modern production drove the cost of food way down, our attention shifted from eating enough to eating the right things.

Advantages of Square Cigarettes [focus-group report, 1999]