Every day, the same, again

21.jpgConvicted conman sues his victims — and wins $12M

Man’s handwriting was so bad Eastbourne bank staff didn’t know he was trying to rob them

a dozen Starbucks baristas said they were sick of getting complex orders. Many would taste “disgusting.” Some are based on TikTok trends.

Short, daytime naps don’t relieve sleep deprivation, study finds

A security researcher has discovered a web attack framework developed by a suspected Chinese government hacking group and used to exploit vulnerabilities in 58 popular websites to collect data on possible Chinese dissidents. Fifty-seven of the sites are popular Chinese portals, while the last is the site for US newspaper, the New York Times.

We identified 5 factors of unusual sexual interests that were largely comparable for women and men: submission/masochism, forbidden sexual activities, dominance/sadism, mysophilia (attraction to dirtiness or soiled things), and fetishism. For women, unusual sexual interests related to more psychiatric symptoms and higher sexual outlet, whereas this relation was less explicit for men.

Women perceive more intense acute and chronic pain and experience more unpleasantness than men.Women suffer more than men as evidenced by higher anxiety and depression prevalence.

Anxiety is understood ethologically. That is, as a preparatory state to evade predators or other dangers in the environment. Animal models of prey avoiding predation are taken as analogous to human anxiety. But if that is the case, then the neurological and affective state of the predator should also have a human analog, since humans are predators too.

PTSD and whether it is an evolved response shared among mammals, birds, and other creatures, or is unique to humans.

Elephants have evolved extra copies of a gene that fights tumour cells — offering an explanation for why the animals so rarely develop cancer.

As they grow, young sunflowers exhibit a particular behavior: The flower head moves to track the Sun across the sky. As the sunflower matures, however, the flower head settles into facing east.

How to do philosophy

I didn’t know how to write about my sister’s death—so I had AI do it for me.