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How the Brazilian butt lift, one of the world’s most dangerous plastic surgery procedures, went mainstream.

Philly cops have been towing cars from legal spaces to illegal spaces, impounded the cars from the illegal spaces, and then trying to sell the cars at auction.

Multiple Walt Disney Employees Among 17 Suspects Arrested in Undercover Child Predator Operation

How one restaurant’s experiment may help diners breathe safely The Big Sur restaurant now featured some new pandemic touches: 18 tabletop mini-purifiers, 10 precisely distributed HEPA air purifiers, an upgraded heating and air conditioning system, and four sensors measuring the air quality in real time.

Joseph Allen runs a major public health research project at Harvard University, probing how indoor air quality affects human health and cognition. […] Many sources of indoor air pollution can affect human health and cognition. These include particles and gases emitted by furniture and building materials, as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled by a building’s occupants. Choosing better materials and improving ventilation, filtration, and air processing can help make buildings healthier.

How the Fed’s digital currency could displace crypto

Homeless man with no arms charged in stabbing