Every day, the same, again

28.jpg A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus near Seattle is being treated largely by a robot

This paper provides evidence that daily fluctuations in the stock market have important–and hitherto neglected–spillover effects on fatal car accidents.

over the past few years, even as the fatal accident rate for commercial flights fell dramatically, fatal chopper crashes have actually become more common.

Waze fixes app after police say it left drivers stranded 45 miles from destination

Streetsblog has a report out on a systematic pattern of racial and ethnic bias in who is ticketed for jaywalking in New York City.

The E-11A is used to link troops in the field to headquarters and has been previously described by Air Force pilots as “WiFi in the sky.”

Metropolitan Police has announced it will use live facial recognition cameras operationally for the first time on London streets.

An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells ‘Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.’ Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.

He left social media as a disgraced video star. Has he made a comeback with a whole new identity?

‘Podfasters’ listen to their favorite pods at 1.5x, even 2x speed. I tried listening to podcasts at 3x and broke my brain.

23andMe lays off 100 people as DNA test sales decline

Questions I would ask God about the game of go

Brazil saw nearly 60,000 murders in 2015, as many as the United States, China, all of Europe, Northern Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand combined

Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code

Big Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backwards (2014)

We amateurs typically achieve the blur effect by accident, with a thumb interrupting the smartphone’s lens. But these blurs in your newsfeed are purposeful. Rise of the Blur

“Other Orders” is a tool for sorting text and tweets

Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok [Thanks Tim]

Igorrr - Very Noise [Thanks Tim] More: Ham