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22.jpg This wearable vest grows a self-sustaining garden watered by your own urine

Arizona man registers swarm of bees as emotional support animals

Returned online purchases often sent to landfill

Uniqlo’s Tokyo Warehouse is 90% Robotic

Psychopathic individuals have the ability to empathize

monkeys are able to discriminate appearance from reality, study

Punishment as communication

Chinese Scientist Who Edited Babies’ Genes Sentenced To Prison

Researchers fooled Chinese facial recognition terminals with just a mask

Bitcoin lost billions of dollars worth of valuation within a 30-minutes timeframe as a Chinese cryptocurrency scammer allegedly liquidated its steal via over-the-counter markets. The initial sell-off by PlusToken caused a domino effect.

An eight-year-old boy who reviews toys on YouTube has been named by Forbes as YouTube’s highest earner in 2019 He has 22.9 million subscribers and earned $26 million in 2019.

From SaaS idea validation in 1 day to 150+ Beta signups

Science-based dog training with feeling

As germs grow more resistant to antibiotics, many companies developing new versions of the drugs are hemorrhaging money and going out of business. Experts say the grim financial outlook is threatening to strangle the development of new lifesaving drugs.[NY Times]

Does tapping the bottom of a beer can really stop it fizzing over?

J’adore starring Mr Bean [DeepFake] [Thanks Tim]

The story of the “Amen Break”

Tag temen kalian [Thanks Tim]