Every day, the same, again

33.jpgTelevangelist says Jesus asked him to buy a new private jet, asks his followers to buy him the $54 million jet

Mutually Nonconsensual Sex. Is it possible for two people to simultaneously sexually assault each other?

Walking faster could make you live longer: research

Human footsteps can provide a unique behavioural pattern for robust biometric systems

A New Tool Uses DNA to Predict Eye, Hair, Skin Color

Taking a photo of something impairs your memory of it, whether you expect to keep the photo or not

Without air conditioning, each 1°F increase in school year temperature reduces the amount learned that year by one percent.

Women who wore the obese body suit ate significantly more than women who wore the control clothing, but this effect was not observed in men

Study Identifies Processes In The Gut That Drive Fat Build-Up Around The Waist

we show that incidental exposure to fishy smells is sufficient to undermine cooperation in economic trust and public good games [PDF]

Human immune cells in blood can be converted directly into functional neurons in the laboratory in about three weeks with the addition of just four proteins

Scientists have categorized 6 types of disgust

If correlation doesn’t imply causation, then what does?

What Is It Like to Be a Dolphin?

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

AI Winter Is Well On Its Way

Alexa is recording mundane details of your life, and it’s creepy as hell

Early hackers used whistles from Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes. They played certain tones through their telephones to bypass AT&T’s analog system and get free long-distance phone calls.

AI, Blockchain, Anime: Crypko, the next generation cryptocollectible game

‘Diane Arbus: American Portraits’ at the Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

English teacher corrects White House letter