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213.jpg‘Banana’ is the most common safe word used by kinky couples indulging in S&M sex [thanks GG]

China cracks down on funeral strippers hired to entertain mourners, attract larger crowds

DNA of women who have had children are as short as if they were childless and 11 years older

Girls now reaching puberty before 10 – a year sooner than 20 years ago. Scientists have yet to discover the reason behind the phenomenon but believe it could be linked to unhealthy lifestyles or exposure to chemicals in food.

Adolescent behaviour goes beyond impetuous rebellion or uncontrollable hormones. In some situations, teenagers can be more risk-averse than their older peers.

Students who show interest in school report greater income 50 years later, regardless of IQ, parental income, study says

Social media use during an experience impairs memory for that experience

We looked at 168 cultures and found couples kissing in only 46 percent of them.

Our results show that monkeys form preferences for brand logos repeatedly paired with images of macaque genitals and high status monkeys

When listening to rain sounds boosts arithmetic ability

When faced with an explicit choice, participants were more likely to choose an advisor who provided uncertain advice over an advisor who provided certain advice

Are We Running Out of Trademarks? An Empirical Study of Trademark Depletion and Congestion

Exaggerated or simplistic news is often blamed for adversely influencing public health. However, recent findings suggested many exaggerations were already present in university press releases, which scientists approve.

Researchers in the US have used a new scanning technique to discover a painting underneath one of Pablo Picasso’s great works of art

52 percent said a tennis ball is green, 42 percent said it’s yellow, and 6 percent went with “other.”

Self-driving cars aren’t good at detecting cyclists. The latest proposed fix is a cop-out.

The Death of a NYC Skyscraper

For many New Yorkers, 33 Thomas Street has been a source of mystery for years. It has been labeled one of the city’s weirdest and most iconic skyscrapers, but little information has ever been published about its purpose. It appears to be one of the most important NSA surveillance sites on U.S. soil

A new generation of skyscrapers is pushing manufacturers to update a 2,000-year-old Roman technology

Mr Chow: How a Chinese restaurant became an art world mecca

Mat Hofma explains starting Mini Materials, a company that sells miniature construction supplies, and how he has grown it to $17k/mo.

Our collection of independently patented drink-through plastic cup lids is the largest in the United States.

The Pirate Certificate became available in the Fall of 2011. Students who have completed Archery, Fencing, Pistol (or Rifle) and Sailing should send an email to ahoymitpe@mit.edu with name and MIT ID number