Every day, the same, again

Skier lost in New York doesn’t know how he got to California

Severe pizza stalker has sent over 100 pizzas to a lawyer

Stormy Daniels kept a dress from alleged hotel tryst with Trump, she claims – and plans to test it for DNA

Across three studies, totaling over 600 participants, we found no support for the claim that red products enhance sexual attractiveness

criminal psychopaths’ brains show atypical structural asymmetries, with reduced right hemisphere grey and white matter volumes, and abnormal interhemispheric connectivity

The study is the first to connect humans’ ability to detect rhythms to the posterior parietal cortex, a brain region associated with planning body movements as well as higher-level functions such as paying attention and perceiving three dimensions.

Many companies let workers monitor and manage machines—and sometimes entire industrial processes—via mobile apps. The apps promise efficiency gains, but they also create targets for cyberattacks. At worst, hackers could exploit the flaws to destroy machines—and potentially entire factories.

Facebook disappointed after conviction by Brussels court for violation of privacy

Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked

Rage room