Every day, the same, again

22.jpgScientists say 43 kilos of gold is flushed through Swiss sewers each year

New bill will make it legal for Californians to liquefy their corpses after death

Mobile phone companies appear to be providing your number and location to anyone who pays

The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like.

Nearly every country on earth is named after one of four things

Domestication has not made dogs cooperate more with each other compared to wolves

Participants who had been breastfed scored lower in neuroticism, anxiety, and hostility and higher in openness and optimism than those not breastfed. Neuroticism was lowest for those breastfed for 9-12 months and highest for those either breastfed for >24 months or exclusively bottle-fed.

Wise and her colleagues recruited 10 heterosexual women to lay in a fMRI scanner and stimulate themselves to orgasm. They then repeated the experiment but had their partners stimulate them.

Wanting to know more about threesomes, he decided to conduct research on the subject himself. This led to a PhD about threesomes among two men and one woman (MMF).

“Forecasting agencies determine the trends to come and fashion companies are reluctant to take risks and to deviate from the path that forecasters have set them as their main aim is to make profit.”

Recognizing the popularity of John Waters films and the absence of merchandise for them, Curator Tyson Tabbert assembled a crew of designers to produce limited editions of such virtual merchandise.

Da Vinci is probably the only artist in history ever to dissect with his own hands the face of a human and that of a horse to see whether the muscles that move the lips are the same ones that can raise the nostrils of the horse’s nose More: Mona Lisa (Prado’s version), possibly painted simultaneously by a student of da Vinci in the same studio where he painted his own Mona Lisa

Has Duchamp’s Final Work Harbored a Secret for Five Decades?

“This page has intentionally been left blank.” Intentionally blank pages have been around, in abundance, since at least the 18th century

Three Chinese women stuck at South Korea airport unable to confirm identities after plastic surgery