Every day, the same, again

45.jpgRescuers search for passenger who fell from plane.

U.S. military may have 10 robots per soldier by 2023.

Nearly 1 in 4 adults surf the Internet while driving.

Manhattan architect sues an ex-lover $1.25M for posting online saying he has a “tiny STD-infested weiner.”

A new study suggests it’s less important to be friendly than to be good.

Here’s another reason to love coffee. Researchers from Brazil found that morning coffee consumption not only keeps you awake and alert, but also improves performance on cognitively demanding tasks. That is, if you’re already a habitual drinker.

Chocolate and chili peppers can help us lose fat.

Why can we taste bitter flavors? Turns out, it’s still a mystery.

The sun is producing barely half the number of sunspots as expected, and its magnetic poles are oddly out of sync.

Using examples from a wide range of application areas in science and engineering, we will demonstrate how standard uses of color can distort the meaning of the underlying data, and can lead the analyst to incorrect evaluations, conclusions or decisions.

The impossibility of being literal.

NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor [PDF]

Google Finally Gets Legal OK to Scan the World’s Books.

Nearly 3 in 10 adults say one of their social-media accounts has been hacked.

It will go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in the boardroom: Blockbuster deciding not to buy Netflix.

Why Did Snapchat Turn Down $3 Billion?

Why is Silicon Valley funding these really silly internet companies and not major life changing innovations?

In an all-out battle over the summer, Christie’s beat Sotheby’s on consignment after consignment, snaring major trophies of the contemporary art world.

What is the value of stolen art? [NY Times]

How would you weigh an airplane without a scale?

“If you ask people about their experience of falling in love, over 90 percent will say that a major factor was discovering that the other person liked them,” according to Dr. Aron.

People will just disappear.

The Wow! signal.

Line of T-shirts and dresses featuring various images of Oprah’s head Photoshopped onto nude bodies.

Dai Macedo Wins 2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition, Despite Controversy.

Harry Smith collected paper airplanes he found on the streets of New York.

LEARNING TO SWALLOW follows Patsy, a charismatic artist who destroys her digestive system during an unmedicated bipolar episode.

Bunny takes a shower. [via Stella and Tim]

White Jesus Skin Bleach [more]