Every day, the same, again

3.jpgMan repays insurance with 4 tons of coins.

Scientists Develop Urine Grown Teeth, Claiming Urine Is Less Controversial Source Of Stem Cells Than Embryos.

Miracle Village, Florida, where half the population are sex offenders.

Where Do Drugs For Lethal Injections Come From? Nobody Knows.

The odds: 1 in 2,000,000 - drowning. 1 in 11,500,000 - being bitten by shark. 1 in 264,000,000 - dying from a shark bite.

The mystery of monogamy: scientists claim to have the answer. More: Two new massive studies present contradictory results.

High-end art is one of the most manipulated markets in the world.

In the Violent Favelas of Brazil.

The tiny island where men have their own language.

Observations From a Tipless Restaurant.

By simply printing out your own shower curtain rings, iPhone case, jewelry organizer or other common products, an average homeowner could recoup the cost of a 3D printer in under a year.

Escalator etiquette: The dos and don’ts.

Today, almost 90 percent of American households have air conditioning. How to live without air conditioning.

Why Cities Are Safer Than Rural Areas.

Did Archaeologists Find a Piece of Jesus’ Cross?

How to Teach Language to Dogs.

The “-bag” of “slutbag.”

New York is the home to every mentally unstable girl in the country. […] People are snobs for no reason. […] Everyone is full of shit.

The deepest pool in the world.