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39.jpgSwiss police arrest “healer” accused of infecting 16 with HIV.

Penis Snatching on the Rise — Africa’s Genital-Stealing Crime Wave Hits the Countryside.

Swarming cockroaches turn bus to New York into roach-mobile.

MTA Sets New Tactic In Rat War.

China Is Engineering Genius Babies.

Most people probably think of tastebuds as existing only on their tongues, but did you know there are taste buds in testes? They aren’t exactly like the taste buds in your mouth. Male germ cells–the cells that are destined to become sperm–have molecules on them that can detect bitter tastes.

Unhealthy eating can make a bad mood worse.

The cost of genetic sequencing and synthesis continues to plunge, but the functions of many genes in even the simplest forms of life, like bacteria and yeast, stubbornly hold on to their secrets. Genetic networks interact in complex, mysterious ways. Engineered parts take wild, unexpected turns when inserted into genomes. […] Where biotechnology of the past used cut-and-paste tools to introduce single genes into DNA, “we’re looking at introducing networks of genes and other elements under regulated control to rewire the internal workings” of the organism. […] The almost irrational complexity of life has been one of the biggest surprises to synthetic biologists.

Scientists have discovered a molecular process in the brain triggered by cocaine use that could provide a target for treatments to prevent or reverse addiction to the drug.

The ‘narcoanalytic interview’ is sometimes described as the application of a ‘truth drug’ but the actual practice is far more interesting.

Mothers are easily worried and this cannot always be avoided. But mothers are often worried unnecessarily by insensitivity, unwise choice of words, failure to determine what they are really concerned about, by criticizing them for being over anxious and ignoring their fears, or by inadequate explanation and counselling. [PDF]

The Economics of Spam.

In the context of preventing and fighting crime, the analysis of mobile phone traffic, among actors of a criminal network, is helpful in order to reconstruct illegal activities on the base of the relationships connecting those specific individuals. Thus, forensic analysts and investigators require new advanced tools and techniques which allow them to manage these data in a meaningful and efficient way. In this paper we present LogAnalysis, a tool we developed to provide visual data representation and filtering, statistical analysis features and the possibility of a temporal analysis of mobile phone activities.

A Discussion With Evgeny Morozov, Silicon Valley’s Fiercest Critic.

Coffee takes a wide and unpredictable range of forms throughout the world.

Abercrombie & Fitch, catalog 2003, copy by Slavoj Žižek.

Fashion bloggers and street style stars: Take my picture.

Report: Chinese Third-Graders Falling Behind U.S. High School Students in Math, Science.

Fooling the police with a ‘safety belt T-shirt’ in China.

This Bubble Wrap iPhone Case Will Keep You Satisfied 365 Days a Year.

Bengale Fire Man.